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Meaning of NAMBY-PAMBY

Pronunciation:  'nambee'pambee

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  an insipid weakling who is foolishly sentimental
  2. [adj]  weak in willpower

NAMBY-PAMBY is a 11 letter word that starts with N.


 Synonyms: spineless, weak, wishy-washy
 See Also: doormat, weakling, wuss



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Nam"by-pam`by\, n. [From Ambrose Phillips, in
    ridicule of the extreme simplicity of some of his verses.]
    Talk or writing which is weakly sentimental or affectedly
    pretty. --Macaulay.
  2. \Nam"by-pam`by\, a.
    Affectedly pretty; weakly sentimental; finical; insipid.
          Namby-pamby madrigals of love.           --W. Gifford.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: baby, banal, bathetic, bathos, beery, betwixt and between, big baby, bland, bleeding heart, breakable, brittle, cheap-jack, chicken, cloying, cloyingness, cobwebby, crumbly, crybaby, dainty, delicate, delicately weak, doormat, driveling, dull, dull tool, effeminate, elegant, euphemistic, euphuistic, exquisite, fair, fair to middling, fairish, flat, flimsy, formalistic, fragile, frail, frangible, gimcrack, gimcracky, goo, goody good-good, goody-goody, gooey, gossamery, gushing, gutless wonder, hearts-and-flowers, inane, indifferent, innocuous, insipid, invertebrate, jejune, jellyfish, jerry, jerry-built, lackluster, light, lightweight, maudlin, maudlinness, mawkish, mawkishness, mediocre, medium, meek soul, middling, milk-and-water, milksop, Milquetoast, mincing, moderate, modest, mollycoddle, mush, mushiness, mushy, namby-pambyism, namby-pambyness, nebbish, nonentity, nostalgia, nostalgic, nostomania, nostomanic, of a kind, of a sort, of sorts, overnice, overprecise, overrefined, oversentimental, oversentimentalism, oversentimentality, oversentimentalized, pansy, pantywaist, papery, passable, pasteboardy, pedantic, precieuse, precious, precisian, precisianistic, precisionistic, puny, puristic, pushover, respectable, romantic, romanticism, sad sack, sapless, sappy, sentiment, sentimental, sentimentalism, sentimentality, sentimentalized, shattery, simpering, sissified, sissy, sleazy, slight, slop, sloppiness, sloppy, slush, soap opera, sob story, soft, softling, softy, sop, so-so, sticky, sweetness and light, tacky, tearjerker, tear-jerking, teary, tedious, tolerable, unsubstantial, vapid, weak sister, weakling, wishy-washy, wispy, womanish