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WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the activity of obscuring people's understanding, leaving them baffled or bewildered
  2. [n]  something designed to mystify or bewilder
  3. [n]  confusion resulting from failure to understand

MYSTIFICATION is a 13 letter word that starts with M.


 Synonyms: bafflement, befuddlement, bemusement, bewilderment, obfuscation, obfuscation, puzzlement
 See Also: activity, artefact, artifact, confusion, disarray, mental confusion



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Mys`ti*fi*ca"tion\, n. [Cf. F. mystification.]
The act of mystifying, or the state of being mystied; also,
something designed to, or that does, mystify.

      The reply of Pope seems very much as though he had been
      playing off a mystification on his Grace. --De Quincey.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: amorphousness, anagoge, anagogics, anthroposophy, apparent soundness, burial, burying, cabala, cabalism, casuistry, Chinese puzzle, circularity, closed, clouding, college of Laputa, concealedness, concealment, corruption, covering, covering up, covertness, dark, darkening, darkness, deception, disingenuousness, distortion, equivocalness, equivocation, esotericism, esoterics, esoterism, esotery, evasive reasoning, fallaciousness, fallacy, fog, fogginess, fuzziness, hiddenness, hiding, hocus-pocus, indeterminateness, indistinctness, insincerity, interment, invisibility, jesuitism, jesuitry, masking, misapplication, misdirection, misguidance, misinformation, misinstruction, misknowledge, misleading, mist, misteaching, mistiness, mumbo jumbo, murk, murkiness, mystery, mysticism, obfuscation, obscurantism, obscuration, obscurement, obscurity, occultation, occultism, opacity, oversubtlety, perplexity, perversion, philosophism, plausibility, plausibleness, putting away, rationalization, screening, secrecy, secretion, shapelessness, sophism, sophistical reasoning, sophistication, sophistry, special pleading, speciosity, specious reasoning, speciousness, subterfuge, subtlety, symbolics, symbolism, unclarity, unclearness, uncommunicativeness, unplainness, vagueness, vicious circle, vicious reasoning, why, yoga, yogeeism, yogism