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Meaning of MUDDY

Pronunciation:  'mudee

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adj]  dirty and messy; covered with mud or muck; "muddy boots"; "a mucky stable"
  2. [adj]  (of especially liquids) clouded as with sediment; "a cloudy liquid"; "muddy coffee"; "murky waters"
  3. [adj]  (of color) discolored by impurities; not bright and clear; "dirty" is often used in combination; "a dirty (or dingy) white"; "the muddied gray of the sea"; "muddy colors"; "dirty-green walls"; "dirty-blonde hair"
  4. [adj]  (of soil) soft and watery; "the ground was boggy under foot"; "a marshy coastline"; "miry roads"; "wet mucky lowland"; "muddy barnyard"; "quaggy terrain"; "the sloughy edge of the pond"; "swampy bayous"
  5. [v]  cause to become muddy; "These data would have muddied the prediction"
  6. [v]  make turbid; "muddy the water"
  7. [v]  dirty with mud

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 Synonyms: boggy, cloudy, dingy, dirty, impure, marshy, mirky, miry, mucky, muddied, muddy up, murky, opaque, quaggy, sloughy, soiled, swampy, turbid, unclean, wet
 See Also: alter, begrime, bemire, blur, change, colly, confuse, dirty, grime, obscure, soil



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Mud"dy\, a. [Compar. {Muddier}; superl. {Muddiest}.]
    1. Abounding in mud; besmeared or dashed with mud; as, a
       muddy road or path; muddy boots.
    2. Turbid with mud; as, muddy water.
    3. Consisting of mud or earth; gross; impure.
             This muddy vesture of decay.          --Shak.
    4. Confused, as if turbid with mud; cloudy in mind; dull;
       stupid; also, immethodical; incoherent; vague.
             Cold hearts and muddy understandings. --Burke.
             Dost think I am so muddy, so unsettled. --Shak.
    5. Not clear or bright. --Swift.
  2. \Mud"dy\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Muddied}; p. pr. & vb. n.
    1. To soil with mud; to dirty; to render turbid.
    2. Fig.: To cloud; to make dull or heavy. --Grew.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: achromatic, achromic, addled, amorphous, anemic, ashen, ashy, becloud, bedraggled, befog, befouled, begrime, bemire, bemud, besmirch, besmirched, besmoke, besoil, bespatter, black, bled white, blind, bloodless, blotchy, blur, blurred, boggish, boggy, cadaverous, chloranemic, chuckhole, clear as mud, cloud, cloudy, colorless, conceal, confuse, confused, dark, dead, deadly pale, deathly pale, dim, dimmed, dingy, dirt, dirty, dirty up, discolored, drab, draggled, dull, dungy, dust, dusty, etiolated, exsanguinated, exsanguine, exsanguineous, fade, faded, faint, fallow, feculent, fenny, filthy, flat, fog, foggy, foul, fouled, fuliginous, fuzz, fuzzy, ghastly, gloomy, gray, grime, grimy, grubby, grungy, haggard, hazy, hick town, hide, hueless, hypochromic, impure, indeterminate, indistinct, jerkwater town, lackluster, leaden, livid, lurid, lusterless, make uncertain, marish, marshy, mat, mealy, messy, mire, mirish, miry, misty, mix up, mixed-up, moorish, moory, muck, muck up, mucky, mud, muddle, muddled, mudhole, murky, nasty, nebulous, neutral, obscure, one-horse town, oozy, opaque, pale, pale as death, pale-faced, pallid, paludal, paludous, pasty, plashy, poachy, quaggy, quagmiry, rile, riley, roily, sallow, screen, scruffy, shadowy, shapeless, sickly, slabby, slime, slimy, slobby, sloppy, sloshy, sloughy, slovenly, sludgy, slushy, smirch, smirched, smirchy, smoke, smoky, smooch, smudge, smudgy, smutchy, smutty, snuffy, soft, soil, soiled, soily, soot, sooty, sordid, spatter, splashy, sposhy, spouty, squalid, squashy, squelchy, squishy, squushy, subdued, subfusc, swampish, swampy, tallow-faced, tarnish, toneless, transcendent, turbid, uliginous, unclean, uncleanly, unclear, uncolored, unplain, untidy, vague, wan, washed out, washed-out, waxen, weak, whey-faced, whistle-stop, white