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Pronunciation:  `methu'dâlujee

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the system of methods followed in a particular discipline
  2. [n]  the branch of philosophy that analyzes the principles and procedures of inquiry in a particular discipline

METHODOLOGY is a 11 letter word that starts with M.


 Synonyms: methodological analysis
 See Also: epistemology, method, scientific method



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Meth`od*ol"o*gy\, n. [Gr. ? method + -logy.]
The science of method or arrangement; a treatise on method.

Computing Dictionary

1. An organised, documented set of procedures and guidelines for one or more phases of the software life cycle, such as analysis or design. Many methodologies include a diagramming notation for documenting the results of the procedure; a step-by-step "cookbook" approach for carrying out the procedure; and an objective (ideally quantified) set of criteria for determining whether the results of the procedure are of acceptable quality.

An example is The yourdon methodology.

2. A pretentious way of saying "method".

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: action, actions, activity, acts, address, affectation, air, algorithm, anality, apple-pie order, approach, arrangement, attack, bearing, behavior, behavior pattern, behavioral norm, behavioral science, blueprint, blueprinting, calculation, carriage, charting, comportment, conception, conduct, contrivance, course, culture pattern, custom, demeanor, deportment, design, device, discipline, disposition, doing, doings, enterprise, envisagement, fashion, figuring, fine fettle, folkway, foresight, forethought, form, game, gestures, goings-on, good condition, good shape, good trim, graphing, ground plan, guidelines, guise, idea, intention, layout, line, line of action, lines, lineup, long-range plan, maintien, manner, manner of working, manners, mapping, master plan, means, method, methodicalness, methods, mien, MO, mode, mode of operation, mode of procedure, modus operandi, modus vivendi, motions, movements, moves, neatness, observable behavior, operations research, order, orderliness, organization, pattern, plan, planning, planning function, poise, port, pose, posture, practice, praxis, prearrangement, presence, procedure, proceeding, process, program, program of action, rationalization, routine, schedule, schema, schematism, schematization, scheme, scheme of arrangement, setup, social science, strategic plan, strategy, style, system, systematicness, systematization, tack, tactical plan, tactics, technique, the big picture, the drill, the how, the picture, the way of, tidiness, tone, trimness, way, way of life, ways, wise, working plan