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Meaning of MELANIN

Pronunciation:  'melunin

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  insoluble pigments that account for the color of e.g. skin and scales and feathers

MELANIN is a 7 letter word that starts with M.


 See Also: animal pigment, cutis, feather, plumage, plume, skin, tegument



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Mel"a*nin\, n. [Gr. me`las, -anos, black.] (Physiol.)
A black pigment found in the pigment-bearing cells of the
skin (particularly in the skin of the negro), in the
epithelial cells of the external layer of the retina (then
called {fuscin}), in the outer layer of the choroid, and
elsewhere. It is supposed to be derived from the
decomposition of hemoglobin.

Medical Dictionary
 Definition: Dark pigment that provides color to hair, skin and choroid of the eye.
Biology Dictionary
 Definition: A pigment found in the skin, hair, and eyes of vertebrate animals. Melanin protects the skin from damage by ultravioletand is the pigment which is produced in response to damage by the sun, causing skin to tan to protect against further damage. In vertebrate albino animals, melanin is the pigment which is missing from their bodies. The melanin molecule is formed when the amino acid tyrosine is oxidized.
 Definition: the brown-black pigment found in the skin, eyes, and hair.