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Meaning of MANGLE

Pronunciation:  'manggul

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  clothes dryer for drying and ironing laundry by passing it between two heavy heated rollers
  2. [v]  destroy or injure severely; "The madman mutilates art work"
  3. [v]  alter so as to make unrecognizable; "The tourists murdered the French language"
  4. [v]  injure badly by beating
  5. [v]  press with a mangle; "mangle the sheets"

MANGLE is a 6 letter word that starts with M.


 Synonyms: cut up, maul, murder, mutilate
 See Also: blemish, clothes drier, clothes dryer, damage, deface, deface, disfigure, distort, falsify, garble, injure, iron, iron out, mar, mutilate, warp, wound



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Man"gle\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Mangled}; p. pr. & vb. n.
    {Mangling}.] [A frequentative fr. OE. manken to main, AS.
    mancian, in bemancian to mutilate, fr. L. mancus maimed;
    perh. akin to G. mangeln to be wanting.]
    1. To cut or bruise with repeated blows or strokes, making a
       ragged or torn wound, or covering with wounds; to tear in
       cutting; to cut in a bungling manner; to lacerate; to
             Mangled with ghastly wounds through plate and mail.
    2. To mutilate or injure, in making, doing, or pertaining;
       as, to mangle a piece of music or a recitation.
             To mangle a play or a novel.          --Swift.
  2. \Man"gle\, n. [D. mangel, fr. OE. mangonel a machine for
    throwing stones, LL. manganum, Gr. ? a machine for defending
    fortifications, axis of a pulley. Cf. {Mangonel}.]
    A machine for smoothing linen or cotton cloth, as sheets,
    tablecloths, napkins, and clothing, by roller pressure.
    {Mangle rack} (Mach.), a contrivance for converting
       continuous circular motion into reciprocating rectilinear
       motion, by means of a rack and pinion, as in the mangle.
       The pinion is held to the rack by a groove in such a
       manner that it passes alternately from one side of the
       rack to the other, and thus gives motion to it in opposite
       directions, according to the side in which its teeth are
    {Mangle wheel}, a wheel in which the teeth, or pins, on its
       face, are interrupted on one side, and the pinion, working
       in them, passes from inside to outside of the teeth
       alternately, thus converting the continuous circular
       motion of the pinion into a reciprocating circular motion
       of the wheel.
  3. \Man"gle\, v. t. [Cf. D. mangelen. See {Mangle}, n.]
    To smooth with a mangle, as damp linen or cloth.
Computing Dictionary

Used similarly to mung or scribble, but more violent in its connotations; something that is mangled has been irreversibly and totally trashed.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: bung up, butcher, calender, contort, cripple, crush, cut, damage, deface, defoliate, deform, denude, destroy, disfigure, dismember, distort, draw and quarter, flay, hack, hot-press, impair, injure, iron, lacerate, maim, mar, maul, mutilate, peel, pick to pieces, press, pull apart, roll, ruin, shred, skin, spoil, strip, take apart, tear apart, tear to pieces, tear to tatters, wreck