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Meaning of MADNESS

Pronunciation:  'madnis

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a feeling of intense anger; "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"; "his face turned red with rage"
  2. [n]  an acute viral disease of the nervous system of warm-blooded animals (usually transmitted by the bite of a rabid animal); rabies is fatal if the virus reaches the brain
  3. [n]  obsolete terms for legal insanity

MADNESS is a 7 letter word that starts with M.


 Synonyms: fury, hydrophobia, insaneness, lunacy, lyssa, rabies, rage
 See Also: anger, choler, insanity, ire, lividity, wrath, zoonosis



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Mad"ness\, n. [From {Mad}, a.]
1. The condition of being mad; insanity; lunacy.

2. Frenzy; ungovernable rage; extreme folly.

Syn: Insanity; distraction; derangement; craziness; lunacy;
     mania; frenzy; franticness; rage; aberration;
     alienation; monomania. See {Insanity}.

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are diagnosed with madness or that you are mad, forewarns of trouble, loss, and overwhelming grief. You may have been behaving in an inappropriate way in your waking life. Seeing others suffering from madness means a gloomy end to hopeful prospects.
Easton Bible Dictionary

This word is used in its proper sense in Deut. 28:34, John 10:20, 1 Cor. 14:23. It also denotes a reckless state of mind arising from various causes, as over-study (Eccl. 1:17; 2:12), blind rage (Luke 6:11), or a depraved temper (Eccl. 7:25; 9:3; 2 Pet. 2:16). David feigned madness (1 Sam. 21:13) at Gath because he "was sore afraid of Achish."

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abandon, aberration, abnormality, acute articular rheumatism, African lethargy, ague, alienation, alkali disease, amebiasis, amebic dysentery, anthrax, Asiatic cholera, asininity, bacillary dysentery, bastard measles, battiness, black death, black fever, blackwater fever, brain damage, brainlessness, brainsickness, breakbone fever, brucellosis, bubonic plague, buffoonery, cachectic fever, cerebral rheumatism, Chagres fever, chicken pox, cholera, clouded mind, clownishness, cowpox, crackpottedness, crankiness, craze, craziness, daffiness, daftness, dandy fever, deer fly fever, delirium, dementedness, dementia, dengue, dengue fever, derangement, desipience, diphtheria, disorientation, distraction, dumdum fever, dysentery, eccentricity, ecstasy, elephantiasis, encephalitis lethargica, enteric fever, erysipelas, famine fever, fatuity, fatuousness, fire and fury, five-day fever, flu, folie, folly, foolery, foolheadedness, foolishness, frambesia, frenzy, frivolity, frivolousness, furor, furore, fury, futility, German measles, giddiness, glandular fever, goofiness, grippe, hansenosis, Haverhill fever, hepatitis, herpes, herpes simplex, herpes zoster, histoplasmosis, hookworm, hydrophobia, hysteria, idiocy, illogic, illogicality, illogicalness, imbecility, impracticality, inanity, ineptitude, infantile paralysis, infectious mononucleosis, inflammatory rheumatism, influenza, insaneness, insanity, intoxication, irrationality, jail fever, jungle rot, kala azar, kissing disease, lepra, leprosy, leptospirosis, loa loa, loaiasis, lockjaw, loss of mind, loss of reason, lunacy, malaria, malarial fever, mania, marsh fever, measles, meningitis, mental deficiency, mental derangement, mental disease, mental disorder, mental disturbance, mental illness, mental instability, mental sickness, milzbrand, mind overthrown, mindlessness, mindsickness, mumps, niaiserie, nonsense, nugacity, nuttiness, oddness, orgasm, orgy, ornithosis, osteomyelitis, paratyphoid fever, parotitis, parrot fever, passion, pertussis, pixilation, pneumonia, pointlessness, polio, poliomyelitis, polyarthritis rheumatism, ponos, possession, preposterousness, psittacosis, psychopathy, psychosis, queerness, rabbit fever, rabidness, rabies, rage, rapture, rat-bite fever, ravishment, reasonlessness, relapsing fever, rheumatic fever, rickettsialpox, ridiculousness, ringworm, rubella, rubeola, sappiness, scarlatina, scarlet fever, schistosomiasis, screwiness, senselessness, septic sore throat, shattered mind, shingles, sick mind, sickness, silliness, sleeping sickness, sleepy sickness, smallpox, snail fever, splenic fever, spotted fever, strangeness, strep throat, stupidity, swamp fever, tearing passion, tetanus, thoughtlessness, thrush, tinea, towering rage, transport, trench fever, trench mouth, triflingness, triviality, tuberculosis, tularemia, typhoid, typhoid fever, typhus, typhus fever, unbalance, unbalanced mind, undulant fever, unsaneness, unsound mind, unsoundness, unsoundness of mind, vaccinia, varicella, variola, venereal disease, viral dysentery, wackiness, weirdness, whooping cough, witlessness, yaws, yellow fever, yellow jack, zaniness, zanyism, zona, zoster