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Meaning of MADE

Pronunciation:  meyd

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adj]  produced by a manufacturing process; "bought some made goods at the local store; rope and nails"
  2. [adj]  (of a bed) having the sheets and blankets set in order; "a neatly made bed"
  3. [adj]  successful or assured of success; "now I am a made man forever"- Christopher Marlowe

MADE is a 4 letter word that starts with M.


 Synonyms: ready-made, successful
 Antonyms: unmade



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Made\, n. (Zo["o]l.)
    See {Mad}, n.
  2. \Made\,
    imp. & p. p. of {Make}.
  3. \Made\, a.
    Artificially produced; pieced together; formed by filling in;
    as, made ground; a made mast, in distinction from one
    consisting of a single spar.
    {Made up}.
    (a) Complete; perfect. ``A made up villain.'' --Shak.
    (b) Falsely devised; fabricated; as, a made up story.
    (c) Artificial; as, a made up figure or complexion.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: assembled, assured of success, brought about, built, cast, caused, coming, constructed, crafted, created, crowned with success, custom, custom-built, custom-made, done, effectuated, executed, extracted, fabricated, fashioned, forged, formed, fortunate, gathered, grown, handcrafted, handmade, harvested, homemade, homespun, machined, machine-made, made to order, man-made, manufactured, mass-produced, milled, mined, molded, on the up-and-up, on top, out in front, performed, prefab, prefabricated, processed, produced, prosperous, put together, raised, ready-formed, ready-for-wear, ready-made, ready-prepared, ready-to-wear, refined, shaped, smelted, succeeding, successful, surefire, triumphant, well-built, well-constructed, well-made