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Meaning of LET IN ON

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: air, alert, awaken, break it to, break the news, break the spell, breathe, burst the bubble, buzz, come out with, confide, confide to, correct, debunk, disabuse, disappoint, disenchant, disillude, disillusion, disillusionize, divulgate, divulge, enlighten, entrust with information, evulgate, expose, give confidential information, give out, give vent to, let down easy, let get around, let next to, let out, make known, mention privately, out with, prick the bubble, publish, put hep, put next to, put straight, reveal, set right, set straight, show up, tell, tell the truth, tip, tip off, unblindfold, uncharm, undeceive, unspell, utter, vent, ventilate, wake up, whisper