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Meaning of KIN

Pronunciation:  kin

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  group of people related by blood or marriage
  2. [n]  a person having kinship with another or others; "he's kin"; "he's family"

KIN is a 3 letter word that starts with K.


 Synonyms: clan, family, kin group, kindred, kinship group, kinsperson, tribe
 See Also: clan member, clansman, clanswoman, family, family tree, family unit, folks, genealogy, relation, relation, relative, relative, social group, totem, Tribes of Israel, tribesman, Twelve Tribes of Israel



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \kin\ [Of Low German origin; cf. G. -chen, LG. -- ken.]
    A diminutive suffix; as, manikin; lambkin.
  2. \Kin\, n. (Mus.)
    A primitive Chinese instrument of the cittern kind, with from
    five to twenty-five silken strings. --Riemann.
  3. \Kin\, n. [OE. kin, cun, AS. cynn kin, kind, race, people;
    akin to cennan to beget, D. kunne sex, OS. & OHG. kunni kin,
    race, Icel. kyn, Goth. kuni, G. & D. kind a child, L. genus
    kind, race, L. gignere to beget, Gr. ? to be born, Skr. jan
    to beget. ?. Cf. {Kind}, {King}, {Gender} kind, {Nation}.]
    1. Relationship, consanguinity, or affinity; connection by
       birth or marriage; kindred; near connection or alliance,
       as of those having common descent.
    2. Relatives; persons of the same family or race.
             The father, mother, and the kinbeside. --Dryden.
             You are of kin, and so a friend to their persons.
  4. \Kin\, a.
    Of the same nature or kind; kinder. ``Kin to the king.''
  5. \Kin\, n. Also Kine \Kine\ [Gr. ? to move.] (Physics)
    The unit velocity in the C.G.S. system -- a velocity of one
    centimeter per second.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: agnate, ancestry, blood, blood relation, blood relative, bracket, branch, brand, breed, cast, caste, category, character, clan, clansman, class, cognate, collateral, collateral relative, color, connections, consanguine, consanguinean, consanguineous, cousinhood, denomination, description, designation, distaff side, distant relation, division, enate, estate, family, feather, flesh, flesh and blood, folk, folks, form, genre, genus, german, grade, grain, group, grouping, head, heading, ilk, kidney, kind, kindred, kinfolk, kinnery, kinsfolk, kinsman, kinsmen, kinswoman, kith and kin, label, level, line, lineage, lot, make, manner, mark, mold, nature, near relation, next of kin, number, order, people, persuasion, phylum, pigeonhole, position, posterity, predicament, race, rank, rating, related, relation, relations, relatives, rubric, section, sept, set, shape, sib, sibling, sort, spear kin, spear side, species, spindle kin, spindle side, stamp, station, status, stock, strain, stratum, stripe, style, subdivision, subgroup, suborder, sword side, the like of, the likes of, title, tribe, tribesman, type, uterine kin, variety