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Meaning of JOBBER

Pronunciation:  'jâbur

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  someone who buys large quantities of goods and resells to merchants rather than to the ultimate customers

JOBBER is a 6 letter word that starts with J.


 Synonyms: middleman, wholesaler
 See Also: distributer, distributor, meat packer, packer



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Job"ber\, n.
1. One who works by the job.

2. A dealer in the public stocks or funds; a stockjobber.

3. One who buys goods from importers, wholesalers, or
   manufacturers, and sells to retailers.

4. One who turns official or public business to private
   advantage; hence, one who performs low or mercenary work
   in office, politics, or intrigue.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: agent, blue-collar worker, bond crowd, breadwinner, broker, casual, casual laborer, chandler, common laborer, connection, curb broker, day laborer, dealer, distributor, employee, factory worker, floor broker, floor trader, floorman, flunky, free lance, free-lancer, full-time worker, go-between, hand, importer, industrial worker, intermediary, intermedium, jobholder, laborer, laboring man, liaison, link, marketer, mediary, mediator, medium, menial, merchandiser, merchant, middleman, migrant, moiler, monger, navvy, odd-lot dealer, office temporary, pit man, proletarian, registered representative, regrater, retail dealer, retail merchant, retailer, roustabout, salaried worker, self-employed person, servant, sharebroker, shopkeeper, specialist, stiff, stock dealer, stockbroker, stock-exchange broker, stockjobber, storekeeper, temporary, tie, toiler, trader, tradesman, tradeswoman, trafficker, two-dollar broker, wage earner, wage slave, wageworker, Wall Streeter, wholesaler, worker, workgirl, workhand, working girl, workingman, workingwoman, workman