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Meaning of IS

Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Is-\
    See {Iso-}.
  2. \Is\, v. i. [AS. is; akin to G. & Goth. ist, L. est, Gr. ?,
    Skr. asti. [root]9. Cf. {Am}, {Entity}, {Essence}, {Absent}.]
    The third person singular of the substantive verb be, in the
    indicative mood, present tense; as, he is; he is a man. See
    Note: In some varieties of the Northern dialect of Old
          English, is was used for all persons of the singular.
                For thy is I come, and eke Alain.  --Chaucer.
                Aye is thou merry.                 --Chaucer.
    Note: The idiom of using the present for future events sure
          to happen is a relic of Old English in which the
          present and future had the same form; as, this year
          Christmas is on Friday.
                To-morrow is the new moon.         --1 Sam. xx.
Computing Dictionary
  1. 1. international standard.

    2. intermediate system.

  2. The country code for Iceland.