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Pronunciation:  in'vestmunt

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the act of investing; laying out money or capital in an enterprise with the expectation of profit
  2. [n]  outer layer or covering of an organ or part or organism
  3. [n]  money that is invested with an expectation of profit

INVESTMENT is a 10 letter word that starts with I.


 Synonyms: investing, investment funds
 See Also: arbitrage, assets, cutis, finance, leverage, leveraging, pellicle, skin, speculation, tegument, venture



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\In*vest"ment\, n.
1. The act of investing, or the state of being invested.

2. That with which anyone is invested; a vestment.

         Whose white investments figure innocence. --Shak.

3. (Mil.) The act of surrounding, blocking up, or besieging
   by an armed force, or the state of being so surrounded.

         The capitulation was signed by the commander of the
         fort within six days after its investments.

4. The laying out of money in the purchase of some species of
   property; the amount of money invested, or that in which
   money is invested.

         Before the investment could be made, a change of the
         market might render it ineligible.    --A. Hamilton.

         An investment in ink, paper, and steel pens.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: accouterment, aerial tactics, airborne tactics, appanage, apparel, applied tactics, armament, armored tactics, array, attire, barrier tactics, bedizenment, beleaguerment, besiegement, blockade, blockading, catering, cavalry tactics, chandlery, clothes, clothing, costume, defensive strategy, diversion, dot, dower, dowry, drapery, dress, dressing, duds, empowerment, enablement, encirclement, encompassment, endowment, envelopment, equipment, fashion, fatigues, feathers, feint, fig, finding, fire tactics, fitting out, foundation, furnishing, furnishment, garb, garments, gear, guise, habiliment, habit, infantry tactics, infiltration, investiture, jointure, legal jointure, linen, logistics, marriage portion, mob tactics, mobile tactics, outfitting, pincer movement, pincers movement, plunge, portion, preparation, prime investment, procurement, providing, provision, provisioning, purveyance, rags, raiment, reinforcement, replenishment, resupply, retailing, risk, robes, selling, settlement, shock tactics, siege, speculation, sportswear, strategy, style, subsidization, subsidy, subvention, supply, supplying, tactics, thirds, threads, togs, toilette, trim, venture, vertical envelopment, vestment, vesture, victualing, wear, wearing apparel