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Pronunciation:  `inund'eyshun

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the rising of a body of water and its overflowing onto normally dry land; "plains fertilized by annual inundations"1
  2. [n]  an overwhelming number or amount; "a flood of requests"; "a torrent of abuse"

INUNDATION is a 10 letter word that starts with I.


 Synonyms: alluvion, deluge, deluge, flood, flood, torrent
 See Also: batch, deal, debacle, flash flood, flashflood, flock, geological phenomenon, good deal, great deal, hatful, heap, lot, mass, mess, mickle, mint, muckle, peck, pile, plenty, pot, quite a little, raft, sight, slew, spate, stack, tidy sum, wad, whole lot, whole slew



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\In`un*da"tion\, n. [L. inundatio: cf. F.
1. The act of inundating, or the state of being inundated; an
   overflow; a flood; a rising and spreading of water over

         With inundation wide the deluge reigns, Drowns the
         deep valleys, and o'erspreads the plains. --Wilkie.

2. An overspreading of any kind; overflowing or superfluous
   abundance; a flood; a great influx; as, an inundation of

         To stop the inundation of her tears.  --Shak.

Biology Dictionary
 Definition: A condition in which water temporarily or permanently covers a land surface.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: affusion, alluvion, alluvium, aspergation, aspersion, avalanche, baptism, bath, bathing, bedewing, burial, cataclysm, cataract, dampening, damping, deluge, dewing, dip, dipping, dousing, drowning, duck, ducking, dunking, embarras de richesses, engulfment, enough, exaggeration, excess, extravagance, extravagancy, flood, flooding, hosing, hosing down, humidification, immergence, immersion, irrigation, landslide, laving, lavishness, moistening, money to burn, more than enough, overabundance, overaccumulation, overbounteousness, overcopiousness, overdose, overflow, overflowing, overgrowth, overlavishness, overluxuriance, overmeasure, overmuchness, overnumerousness, overpass, overplentifulness, overplenty, overpopulation, overprofusion, overrun, overrunning, overspreading, oversufficiency, oversupply, plenty, plethora, pour, prodigality, redundancy, rinsing, sinking, souse, sousing, sparging, spate, spattering, spill, spillage, splashing, splattering, spraying, sprinkling, submergence, submersion, superabundance, superflux, superiority, surplus, swashing, the Deluge, the Flood, torrent, washout, watering, wetting, whelming