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Pronunciation:  `intur'feeruns

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the act of blocking someone's path with your body (as in football); "he threw a rolling block into the line backer"
  2. [n]  the act of hindering or obstructing or impeding
  3. [n]  any obstruction that impedes or is burdensome
  4. [n]  a policy of intervening in the affairs of other countries
  5. [n]  electrical or acoustic activity that can disturb communication

INTERFERENCE is a 12 letter word that starts with I.


 Synonyms: block, blocking, disturbance, encumbrance, hindrance, hindrance, hitch, incumbrance, intervention, noise, preventative, preventive
 Antonyms: noninterference, nonintervention
 See Also: act, antagonism, atmospheric static, atmospherics, background, background signal, bar, clog, complication, crosstalk, deterrence, fadeout, foiling, football, football game, foreign policy, frustration, human action, human activity, impediment, impedimenta, jitter, obstructer, obstruction, obstruction, obstructor, prevention, speed bump, static, thwarting, trap block, trouble, XT



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\In`ter*fer"ence\, n. [See {Interfere}.]
1. The act or state of interfering; as, the stoppage of a
   machine by the interference of some of its parts; a
   meddlesome interference in the business of others.

2. (Physics) The mutual influence, under certain conditions,
   of two streams of light, or series of pulsations of sound,
   or, generally, two waves or vibrations of any kind,
   producing certain characteristic phenomena, as colored
   fringes, dark bands, or darkness, in the case of light,
   silence or increased intensity in sounds; neutralization
   or superposition of waves generally.

Note: The term is most commonly applied to light, and the
      undulatory theory of light affords the proper
      explanation of the phenomena which are considered to be
      produced by the superposition of waves, and are thus
      substantially identical in their origin with the
      phenomena of heat, sound, waves of water, and the like.

3. (Patent Law) The act or state of interfering, or of
   claiming a right to the same invention.

{Interference figures} (Optics), the figures observed when
   certain sections of crystallized bodies are viewed in
   converging polarized light; thus, a section of a uniaxial
   crystal, cut normal to the vertical axis, shows a series
   of concentric colored rings with a single black cross; --
   so called because produced by the interference of luminous

{Interference fringe}. (Optics) See {Fringe}.

Biology Dictionary
 Definition: The overall influence of one plant or groups of plants on another, and encompasses allelopathy or competition, or both of these processes.
 Definition: One crossover event inhibits the chances of another crossover event. Also known as positive interference. Negative interference increases the chance of a second crossover.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: amplitude, antagonism, antinode, antipathy, arrest, arrestation, arrestment, atmospherics, backlash, blaring, blasting, blind spot, block, blockage, blocking, check, clashing, clogging, closing up, closure, collision, conflict, confutation, constriction, contradiction, contraposition, contrariety, counteraction, counterposition, counterworking, cramp, crankiness, crawling, creeping, crest, crotchetiness, de Broglie wave, delay, detainment, detention, difficulty, diffraction, dissent, drift, electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic wave, encroachment, encumbrance, entrance, entrenchment, fade-out, fading, fixation, foot-dragging, frequency, frequency band, frequency spectrum, friction, frustration, guided wave, hampering, handicap, hindering, hindrance, hitch, holdback, holdup, impedance, impediment, impingement, imposition, in phase, incursion, infiltration, influx, infringement, inhibition, injection, inroad, insinuation, interceding, intercession, interjection, interloping, interposition, interposure, interruption, intervention, intruding, intrusion, invasion, irruption, kick, let, light, longitudinal wave, mechanical wave, meddling, negativism, node, noise, nonconformity, nuisance value, obstruction, obstructionism, obtrusion, occlusion, opposition, opposure, oppugnance, oppugnancy, out of phase, period, periodic wave, perverseness, radio wave, ray, reaction, recalcitrance, reception, recoil, reinforcement, renitency, repercussion, repression, repugnance, resistance, resonance, resonance frequency, restraint, restriction, retardation, retardment, revolt, seismic wave, setback, shock wave, snag, sound wave, squeeze, static, stranglehold, stricture, suppression, surface wave, swimming upstream, tidal wave, transverse wave, trespass, trespassing, trough, unlawful entry, wave, wave equation, wave motion, wave number, wavelength