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Meaning of INSULATE

Pronunciation:  'insu`leyt

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [v]  place or set apart; "They isolated the political prisoners from the other inmates"
  2. [v]  protect from heat, cold, noise, etc. by surrounding with insulating material; "We had his bedroom insulated before winter came"

INSULATE is a 8 letter word that starts with I.


 Synonyms: isolate
 See Also: alter, change, cloister, discriminate, ghettoise, ghettoize, maroon, quarantine, seclude, segregate, separate, sequester, sequestrate, single out, soundproof, weatherstrip, withdraw



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\In"su*late\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Insulated}; p. pr. &
vb. n. {Insulating}.] [L. insulatus insulated, fr. insula
island. See {Isle}, and cf. {Isolate}.]
1. To make an island of. [Obs.] --Pennant.

2. To place in a detached situation, or in a state having no
   communication with surrounding objects; to isolate; to

3. (Elec. & Thermotics) To prevent the transfer o?
   electricity or heat to or from (bodies) by the
   interposition of nonconductors.

{Insulating stool} (Elec.), a stool with legs of glass or
   some other nonconductor of electricity, used for
   insulating a person or any object placed upon it.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: bolt, close off, cordon, cordon off, cover, cull out, cushion, cut off, detach, divide, enisle, fireproof, ghettoize, gin, ground, island, island-hop, isolate, keep apart, keep aside, lag, lay aside, pick out, preserve, proof, protect, put aside, quarantine, riddle, screen, seclude, segregate, separate, sequester, sequestrate, set apart, set aside, shelter, shield, sieve, sift, sort out, soundproof, thrash, thresh, waterproof, weatherproof, winnow, wrap