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Pronunciation:  `insub'stanshul

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adj]  lacking material form or substance; unreal; "as insubstantial as a dream"; "an insubstantial mirage on the horizon"
  2. [adj]  lacking in nutritive value; "the jejune diets of the very poor"

INSUBSTANTIAL is a 13 letter word that starts with I.


 Synonyms: aerial, aeriform, aery, airy, ethereal, jejune, shadowy, unreal, unsubstantial, unwholesome, wraithlike
 Antonyms: material, real, substantial
 See Also: immaterial, nonmaterial



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\In`sub*stan"tial\, a.
Unsubstantial; not real or strong. ``Insubstantial pageant.''
[R.] --Shak.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: adulterated, airy, asomatous, astral, attenuate, attenuated, bodiless, boyish, brittle, capricious, changeable, chimerical, corruptible, cut, dangerous, decarnate, decarnated, deciduous, decrepit, defalcation, deficiency, deficit, delicate, desultory, diaphanous, dilute, diluted, discarnate, disembodied, dying, ephemeral, ethereal, evanescent, extramundane, fading, false, fancied, fanciful, fantastic, feeble, fickle, fine, fine-drawn, finespun, fleeting, flimsy, flitting, fly-by-night, flying, fragile, frail, fugacious, fugitive, gaseous, gauzy, ghostly, girlish, gossamer, gracile, hallucinatory, illusive, illusory, imaginary, imagined, immaterial, impalpable, impermanent, impetuous, imponderable, impulsive, inadequacy, inconclusive, inconstant, incorporate, incorporeal, infirm, insecure, insignificant, insufficiency, intangible, lack, lacy, light, metaphysical, misty, momentary, mortal, mutable, nondurable, nonmaterial, nonpermanent, nonphysical, nonsubstantial, occult, otherworldly, paltry, papery, passing, paucity, perilous, perishable, phantasmal, phantom, poor, poverty, precarious, provisional, psychic, puny, rare, rarefied, risky, scant, scantiness, scarceness, shadowy, shaky, shifting, shifty, shortage, short-lived, slender, slenderish, slight, slight-made, slim, slimmish, slinky, slippery, small, spiritual, subtile, subtle, supernatural, svelte, sylphlike, temporal, temporary, tentative, tenuous, thin, thin-bodied, thinned, thinned-out, thinnish, thin-set, thin-spun, threadlike, ticklish, transient, transitive, transitory, transmundane, treacherous, uncompact, uncompressed, unconcrete, undependable, underage, undurable, unearthly, unembodied, unenduring, unextended, unfaithworthy, unfleshly, unphysical, unproved, unreal, unreliable, unrigorous, unsolid, unsound, unstable, unsteadfast, unsteady, unsubstanced, unsubstantial, unsure, unsustained, untrustworthy, unworldly, vague, vaporous, visionary, volatile, wasp-waisted, watered, watered-down, watery, weak, weightless, willowy, windy, wiredrawn, wispy