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Pronunciation:  `instu'bilitee

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the quality or attribute of being unstable
  2. [n]  unreliability attributable to being unstable
  3. [n]  an unstable order
  4. [n]  a state of disequilibrium (as may occur in cases of inner ear disease)

INSTABILITY is a 11 letter word that starts with I.


 Synonyms: imbalance, unbalance, unstableness
 Antonyms: balance, stability, stability, stableness
 See Also: disequilibrium, disorder, ricketiness, shakiness, undependability, undependableness, unreliability, unreliableness, unsteadiness



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\In`sta*bil"i*ty\, n.; pl. {Instabilities}. [L.
instabilitas: cf. F. instabilit['e].]
1. The quality or condition of being unstable; want of
   stability, firmness, or steadiness; liability to give way
   or to fail; insecurity; precariousness; as, the
   instability of a building.

2. Lack of determination of fixedness; inconstancy;
   fickleness; mutability; changeableness; as, instability of
   character, temper, custom, etc. --Addison.

Syn: Inconstancy; fickleness; changeableness; wavering;
     unsteadiness; unstableness.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: ambitendency, ambivalence, caducity, capriciousness, chanciness, change of mind, changeability, changeableness, choppiness, corruptibility, criticalness, danger, dappleness, death, decrepitude, delicacy, desultoriness, deviability, deviation, difference, differentiation, disorder, divarication, divergence, diversification, double-mindedness, doubtfulness, dubiety, dubiousness, eccentricity, ephemerality, ephemeralness, erraticism, evanescence, fence-sitting, fence-straddling, fickleness, finitude, fleetingness, flightiness, freakishness, fugacity, hazard, hazardousness, impermanence, impermanency, impulsiveness, incapacity, inconsistency, inconstancy, indecision, indecisiveness, inequality, infirmity, infirmity of purpose, insecurity, insipidity, insolidity, insubstantiality, invalidism, irregularity, irresolution, jerkiness, mercuriality, momentariness, moodiness, mortality, motleyness, mugwumpery, mugwumpism, mutability, nonconformism, nonconformity, nonstandardization, nonuniformity, peril, perilousness, perishability, pluralism, precariousness, raggedness, restlessness, ricketiness, risk, riskiness, second thoughts, senility, shakiness, shiftiness, shiftingness, slipperiness, speculativeness, sword of Damocles, tergiversation, ticklish business, ticklishness, totteriness, touchiness, transience, transiency, transientness, transitoriness, treacherousness, treachery, unauthenticity, unauthoritativeness, uncertainty, unconformism, unconformity, undecidedness, undependability, undeterminedness, unevenness, unfaithworthiness, unfirmness, unfixedness, unhealthiness, unorthodoxy, unpredictability, unreliability, unsafeness, unsettledness, unsettlement, unsolidity, unsoundness, unstableness, unsteadfastness, unsteadiness, unsturdiness, unsubstantiality, unsureness, untrustworthiness, vapidity, variability, variation, variegation, variety, variousness, versatility, volatility, wantonness, wateriness, wavering, waywardness, whimsicality, wishy-washiness