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Pronunciation:  in'skripshun

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the activity of inscribing (especially carving or engraving) letters or words
  2. [n]  letters inscribed (especially words engraved or carved) on something
  3. [n]  a short message (as in a book or musical work or on a photograph) dedicating it to someone or something

INSCRIPTION is a 11 letter word that starts with I.


 Synonyms: dedication, lettering
 See Also: committal to writing, epigraph, epitaph, message, piece of writing, Rosetta stone, superscription, superscription, writing, writing, written material



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\In*scrip"tion\, n. [L. inscriptio, fr. inscribere,
inscriptum, to inscribe: cf. F. inscription. See {Inscribe}.]
1. The act or process of inscribing.

2. That which is inscribed; something written or engraved;
   especially, a word or words written or engraved on a solid
   substance for preservation or public inspection; as,
   inscriptions on monuments, pillars, coins, medals, etc.

3. (Anat.) A line of division or intersection; as, the
   tendinous inscriptions, or intersections, of a muscle.

4. An address, consignment, or informal dedication, as of a
   book to a person, as a mark of respect or an invitation of

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing an inscription in your dream, foretells of bad and unpleasant news. Dreaming that you are writing an inscription means loss of a valuable friend. Dreaming that you are reading an inscription on a tomb means distress and sickness.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: acknowledgments, arch, back, back matter, barrow, bastard title, bibliography, booking, boundary stone, brass, burr, bust, cairn, cataloging, catch line, catchword, cenotaph, chiseling, chronicling, colophon, column, contents, contents page, copyright page, coup de plume, cromlech, cross, cross-hatching, cryptography, cup, cyclolith, dedication, demitint, device, dolmen, endleaf, endpaper, endsheet, engravement, engraving, engrossment, enlistment, enrollment, entering, entry, epigraph, epitaph, epithet, errata, etch, etching, flyleaf, folio, footstone, fore edge, foreword, front matter, gem-engraving, glass-cutting, glyptic, grave, gravestone, graving, half tint, half-title page, hatching, head, headstone, hic jacet, hoarstone, impanelment, imprint, incision, index, indexing, initialing, ink spilling, inkslinging, inscribing, inscript, insertion, introduction, inventorying, leaf, lettering, line, lining, listing, logging, macrography, makeup, marker, marking, matriculation, mausoleum, megalith, memento, memorial, memorial arch, memorial column, memorial statue, memorial stone, menhir, micrography, monolith, monument, motto, mound, necrology, obelisk, obituary, page, pen, pen-and-ink, pencil driving, pillar, plaque, posting, preface, preliminaries, prize, pyramid, record keeping, recordation, recording, recto, register, registration, registry, reliquary, remembrance, reverso, ribbon, rostral column, running title, score, scoring, scratch, scratching, scrivenery, scrivening, secret writing, shaft, shrine, signature, slash, slashing, slogan, stela, stipple, stippling, stone, stupa, subtitle, table of contents, tablet, tabulation, tag line, tail, testimonial, text, tint, title, title page, tomb, tombstone, tombstone marking, tooling, tope, transcription, transliteration, trim size, trophy, type page, type-cutting, typewriting, typing, verso, watchword, writing