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Meaning of INJURY

Pronunciation:  'injuree

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  an act that injures someone
  2. [n]  an accident that results in physical damage or hurt
  3. [n]  a casualty to military personnel resulting from combat
  4. [n]  any physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident or fracture etc.

INJURY is a 6 letter word that starts with I.


 Synonyms: accidental injury, combat injury, harm, hurt, trauma, wound
 See Also: accident, actus reus, bite, bleeding, blighty wound, break, bruise, bump, burn, concussion, contusion, cryopathy, dislocation, disservice, electric shock, flesh wound, fracture, frostbite, haemorrhage, health problem, hemorrhage, ill health, ill service, ill turn, insect bite, intravasation, lesion, loss, misconduct, mutilation, personnel casualty, pinch, pull, rupture, spoil, spoilage, spoiling, sting, strain, twist, unhealthiness, wale, weal, welt, wheal, whiplash, whiplash injury, wound, wrench, wrongdoing, wrongful conduct



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\In"ju*ry\, n.; pl. {Injuries}. [OE. injurie, L. injuria,
fr. injurius injurious, wrongful, unjust; pref. in- not +
jus, juris, right,law,justice: cf. F. injure. See {Just}, a.]
Any damage or violation of, the person, character, feelings,
rights, property, or interests of an individual; that which
injures, or occasions wrong, loss, damage, or detriment;
harm; hurt; loss; mischief; wrong; evil; as, his health was
impaired by a severe injury; slander is an injury to the

      For he that doeth injury shall receve that he did evil.
                                               iii. 25).

      Many times we do injury to a cause by dwelling on
      trifling arguments.                      --I. Watts.

      Riot ascends above their loftiest towers, And injury
      and outrage.                             --Milton.

Note: Injury in morals and jurisprudence is the intentional
      doing of wrong. --Fleming.

Syn: Harm; hurt; damage; loss; impairment; detriment; wrong;
     evil; injustice.

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are injured, suggests that you need to work on healing old wounds and hurts. You need to stop and slow down.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abomination, abrasion, abuse, ache, aching, affront, agony, aspersion, atrocity, bad, bane, bankruptcy, befoulment, bereavement, blemish, blight, blow, breach, break, breakage, breakdown, brickbat, burn, chafe, check, chip, collapse, concussion, contempt, contumely, corruption, cost, crack, crackle, crack-up, cramp, craze, crime, crime against humanity, crippling, crying evil, cut, damage, dead loss, deadly sin, debit, defilement, delinquency, denial, denudation, deprivation, dereliction, despite, despoilment, despoliation, destruction, detriment, dilapidation, disablement, disadvantage, discomfiture, dispossession, disrepair, disservice, distress, divestment, dolor, drawback, dump, encroachment, enormity, error, evil, expense, failure, fault, felony, flash burn, flout, flouting, forfeit, forfeiture, fracture, fray, frazzle, gall, gash, genocide, gibe, great wrong, grief, grievance, gross injustice, guilty act, handicap, harm, havoc, heavy sin, hobbling, humiliation, hurt, hurting, ill, ill-treatment, ill-usage, ill-use, impairment, imposition, impropriety, incapacitation, incision, indignity, indiscretion, inexpiable sin, infection, infringement, iniquity, injustice, inroad, insult, jeer, jeering, laceration, lapse, lesion, liability, loser, losing, losing streak, loss, loss of ground, maiming, malefaction, malfeasance, maltreatment, malum, mayhem, minor wrong, miscarriage of justice, mischief, misdeed, misdemeanor, misery, misfeasance, mistreatment, mock, mockery, molestation, mortal sin, mortal wound, mutilation, nasty blow, nonfeasance, offense, omission, outrage, pain, pang, passion, peccadillo, peccancy, perdition, poison, pollution, prejudice, privation, puncture, put-down, raw deal, rent, rip, robbery, ruin, ruination, ruinousness, run, rupture, sabotage, sacrifice, scald, scathe, scoff, scorch, scrape, scratch, scuff, scurrility, second-degree burn, shock, sickening, sin, sin of commission, sin of omission, sinful act, slash, slip, sore, sore spot, spasm, spoiling, spoliation, stab, stab wound, step backward, stress, stress of life, stripping, stroke, suffering, taking away, taunt, tear, tender spot, the worst, third-degree burn, throes, tort, total loss, toxin, transgression, trauma, trespass, trip, uncomplimentary remark, unutterable sin, venial sin, venom, vexation, violation, violence, weakening, woe, wound, wounds immedicable, wrench, wrong