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Meaning of INGENUE

Pronunciation:  'anzhu`noo

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the role of an innocent artless young woman in a play
  2. [n]  an artless innocent young girl (especially as portrayed on the stage)
  3. [n]  an actress who specializes in playing the role of an artless innocent young girl

INGENUE is a 7 letter word that starts with I.


 See Also: actor, character, histrion, juvenile, juvenile person, part, persona, player, role, role player, theatrical role, thespian



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: actor, actress, antagonist, antihero, babe, bad guy, barnstormer, bit, bit part, cast, character, character actor, character man, character woman, child, child actor, child of nature, cue, diseur, diseuse, dove, dramatizer, dupe, fat part, feeder, foil, heavy, hero, heroine, hick, histrio, histrion, infant, innocent, juvenile, lamb, lead, lead role, leading lady, leading man, leading woman, lines, lout, matinee idol, mere child, mime, mimer, mimic, monologist, mummer, noble savage, oaf, pantomime, pantomimist, part, person, personage, piece, playactor, player, protagonist, protean actor, reciter, role, Roscius, rube, side, simple soul, soubrette, stage performer, stage player, stooge, straight man, straight part, stroller, strolling player, supporting character, supporting role, theatrical, thespian, title role, trouper, unsophisticate, utility man, villain, walking part, walk-on, yokel