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Meaning of INFORM

Pronunciation:  in'form

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [v]  give character or essence to; "The principles that inform modern teaching"
  2. [v]  impart knowledge of some fact, state or affairs, or event to; "I informed him of his rights"
  3. [v]  act as an informer; "She had informed on her own parents for years"

INFORM is a 6 letter word that starts with I.


 See Also: account, acquaint, advise, alter, announce, apprise, apprize, bear witness, betray, change, communicate, cover, cue, denote, denounce, describe, disabuse, downplay, evidence, explain, explicate, familiarise, familiarize, fill in, give away, give notice, grass, indicate, inform, inoculate, instruct, intercommunicate, introduce, learn, minimise, minimize, misinform, mislead, nark, narrate, notify, peach, point, point out, present, prompt, prove, rat, recite, recount, regret, remind, remonstrate, report, send word, shit, shop, show, snitch, spin, stag, suggest, teach, tell, tell on, testify, undeceive, understate, update, volunteer, warn, wise up



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \In*form"\, a. [L. informis; pref. in- not + forma form,
    shape: cf. F. informe]
    Without regular form; shapeless; ugly; deformed. --Cotton.
  2. \In*form"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Informed}; p. pr. & vb.
    n. {Informing}.] [OE. enformen, OF. enformer, F. informer. L.
    informare; pref. in- in + formare to form, share, fr. forma
    form. See {Form}.]
    1. To give form or share to; to give vital ororganizing power
       to; to give life to; to imbue and actuate with vitality;
       to animate; to mold; to figure; to fashion.
             ``The informing Word.''               --Coleridge.
             Let others better mold the running mass Of metals,
             and inform the breathing brass.       --Dryden.
             Breath informs this fleeting frame.   --Prior.
             Breathes in our soul,informs our mortal part.
    2. To communicate knowledge to; to make known to; to
       acquaint; to advise; to instruct; to tell; to notify; to
       enlighten; -- usually followed by of.
             For he would learn their business secretly, And then
             inform his master hastily.            --Spenser.
             I am informed thoroughky of the cause. --Shak.
    3. To communicate a knowledge of facts to,by way of
       accusation; to warn against anybody.
             Tertullus . . . informed the governor against Paul.
                                                   --Acts xxiv.
    Syn: To acquaint; apprise; tell; teach; instruct; enlighten;
         animate; fashion.
  3. \In*form"\, v. t.
    1. To take form; to become visible or manifest; to appear.
             It is the bloody business which informs Thus to mine
             eyes.                                 --Shak.
    2. To give intelligence or information; to tell. --Shak.
             He might either teach in the same manner,or inform
             how he had been taught.               --Monthly Rev.
    {To inform against}, to communicate facts by way of
       accusation against; to denounce; as, two persons came to
       the magistrate, and informed against A.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: acquaint, advertise, advertise of, advise, animate, announce, apprise, babble, be indiscreet, be unguarded, betray, betray a confidence, blab, blabber, blurt, blurt out, break the news, brief, bring word, broaden the mind, catechize, civilize, communicate, demonstrate, direct, disclose, divulge, due, edify, educate, embue, endow, endue, enlighten, enliven, exalt, exhilarate, familiarize, fill in, finger, fire, forewarn, give a report, give away, give instruction, give lessons in, give notice, give the facts, give tidings of, give word, ground, guide, identify, illuminate, illumine, imbue, impart, implicate, incriminate, infect, inform on, infuse, inject, inoculate, inspire, inspirit, instruct, keep posted, leak, leave word, leaven, let drop, let fall, let know, let slip, mention to, nark, notify, open the eyes, peach, permeate, pimp, post, rat, reeducate, rehearse, relate, report, reveal, reveal a secret, rumor, school, send word, serve notice, set right, sharpen the wits, show, show how, sing, snitch, snitch on, speak, spill, spill the beans, spirit, spirit up, squeak, squeal, stool, talk, tattle, tattle on, teach, teach a lesson, teach the rudiments, tell, tell on, tell secrets, tell tales, tip off, turn in, verse, warn, write up