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Meaning of INDUSTRY

Pronunciation:  'industree

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the organized action of making of goods and services for sale; "American industry is making increased use of computers to control production"
  2. [n]  persevering determination to perform a task; "his diligence won him quick promotions"; "frugality and industry are still regarded as virtues"
  3. [n]  the people engaged in a particular kind of commercial enterprise; "each industry has its own trade publications"

INDUSTRY is a 8 letter word that starts with I.


 Synonyms: diligence, industriousness, manufacture
 See Also: aluminum business, aluminum industry, apparel industry, arms industry, assiduity, assiduousness, automobile industry, aviation, banking industry, business, business enterprise, chemical industry, coal industry, commercial enterprise, commercial enterprise, computer industry, concentration, construction industry, cottage industry, determination, electronics industry, entertainment industry, fashion business, fashion industry, film industry, garment industry, growth industry, Hollywood, housing industry, industrial enterprise, industrialisation, industrialization, lighting industry, market, movie industry, munitions industry, oil business, oil industry, plastics industry, production, purpose, rag trade, refining industry, securities industry, sedulity, sedulousness, service industry, shipbuilding industry, shoe industry, show biz, show business, sign industry, steel industry, studiousness, sunrise industry, tobacco industry, toy business, toy industry, trucking industry



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\In"dus*try\, n.; pl. {Industries}. [L. industria, cf.
industrius diligent; of uncertain origin: cf. F. industrie.]
1. Habitual diligence in any employment or pursuit, either
   bodily or mental; steady attention to business; assiduity;
   -- opposed to {sloth} and {idleness}; as, industry pays
   debts, while idleness or despair will increase them.

         We are more industrious than our forefathers,
         because in the present times the funds destined for
         the maintenance of industry are much greater in
         proportion to those which are likely to be employed
         in the maintenance of idleness, than they were two
         or three centuries ago.               --A. Smith.

2. Any department or branch of art, occupation, or business;
   especially, one which employs much labor and capital and
   is a distinct branch of trade; as, the sugar industry; the
   iron industry; the cotton industry.

3. (Polit. Econ.) Human exertion of any kind employed for the
   creation of value, and regarded by some as a species of
   capital or wealth; labor.

Syn: Diligence; assiduity; perseverance; activity;
     laboriousness; attention. See {Diligence}.

 Definition: all the artifacts in a site that are made from the same material, such as the bone industry.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: activity, aktiebolag, Aktiengesellschaft, application, ardor, assiduity, assiduousness, balance of trade, big business, body corporate, bulldog tenacity, business, business dealings, business establishment, bustle, cartel, chamber of commerce, combine, commerce, commercial affairs, commercial enterprise, commercial relations, compagnie, company, concentration, concern, conglomerate, conglomerate corporation, consolidating company, consortium, constancy, copartnership, corporate body, corporation, dealing, dealings, determination, diligence, dirty work, diversified corporation, dogged perseverance, doggedness, donkeywork, drudgery, dynamism, earnestness, effort, employment, endurance, energeticalness, energy, engrossment, enterprise, exertion, fag, fair trade, fatigue, fervor, fidelity, firm, free trade, grind, handiwork, handwork, holding company, house, hustle, indefatigability, industriousness, insistence, insistency, intercourse, joint-stock association, joint-stock company, labor, laboriousness, lick, lick of work, loyalty, manual labor, manufacture, market, marketing, mercantile business, merchantry, moil, multilateral trade, obstinacy, operating company, pains, painstaking, painstakingness, partnership, patience, patience of Job, permanence, perseverance, persistence, persistency, pertinaciousness, pertinacity, plodding, plugging, plunderbund, pool, preoccupation, production, public utility, rat race, reciprocal trade, relentlessness, resolution, restraint of trade, scut work, sedulity, sedulousness, single-mindedness, singleness of purpose, slavery, slogging, small business, spadework, stability, stamina, staying power, steadfastness, steadiness, stick-to-itiveness, stock company, strenuousness, stroke, stroke of work, stubbornness, sweat, syndicate, task, tenaciousness, tenacity, the business world, the marketplace, thoroughgoingness, thoroughness, tirelessness, tiresome work, toil, trade, trade association, traffic, travail, treadmill, truck, trust, unilateral trade, unremittingness, unsparingness, unswerving attention, utility, vehemence, vigor, work, zealousness