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Pronunciation:  `indi'pendunt

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a writer or artist who sells services to different employers without a long-term contract with any of them
  2. [n]  a neutral or uncommitted person (especially in politics)
  3. [adj]  of political bodies; "an autonomous judiciary"; "a sovereign state"
  4. [adj]  not dependent on or conditioned by or relative to anything else
  5. [adj]  not contingent
  6. [adj]  free from external control and constraint; "an independent mind"; "a series of independent judgments"; "fiercely independent individualism"; "an independent republic"
  7. [adj]  (grammar) of a clause; able to stand alone syntactically as a complete sentence; "the main (or independent) clause in a complex sentence has at least a subject and a verb"
  8. [adj]  not controlled by a party or interest group

INDEPENDENT is a 11 letter word that starts with I.


 Synonyms: absolute, autarkic, autarkical, autonomous, breakaway, case-by-case, commutative, freelance, free-living, indie, individual, item-by-item, main(a), mugwump, nonparasitic, nonpartisan, nonpartizan, nonsymbiotic, on her own(p), on his own(p), on one's own(p), on their own(p), on your own(p), self-directed, self-employed person, self-governing, self-reliant, self-sufficient, self-sufficing, self-supporting, self-sustaining, separatist, single-handed, sovereign, strong-minded, unaffiliated, unconditional
 Antonyms: dependent, subordinate
 See Also: free, individualist, separate, worker



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \In`de*pend"ent\, a. [Pref. in- not + dependent: cf.
    F. ind['e]pendant.]
    1. Not dependent; free; not subject to control by others; not
       relying on others; not subordinate; as, few men are wholly
             A dry, but independent crust.         --Cowper.
    2. Affording a comfortable livelihood; as, an independent
    3. Not subject to bias or influence; not obsequious;
       self-directing; as, a man of an independent mind.
    4. Expressing or indicating the feeling of independence;
       free; easy; bold; unconstrained; as, an independent air or
    5. Separate from; exclusive; irrespective.
             That obligation in general, under which we conceive
             ourselves bound to obey a law, independent of those
             resources which the law provides for its own
             enforcement.                          --R. P. Ward.
    6. (Eccl.) Belonging or pertaining to, or holding to the
       doctrines or methods of, the Independents.
    7. (Math.) Not dependent upon another quantity in respect to
       value or rate of variation; -- said of quantities or
    8. (U. S. Politics) Not bound by party; exercising a free
       choice in voting with either or any party.
    {Independent company} (Mil.), one not incorporated in any
    {Independent seconds watch}, a stop watch having a second
       hand driven by a separate set of wheels, springs, etc.,
       for timing to a fraction of a second.
    {Independent variable}. (Math.) See {Dependent variable},
       under {Dependent}.
    Syn: Free; uncontrolled; separate; uncoerced; self-reliant;
         bold; unconstrained; unrestricted.
  2. \In`de*pend"ent\, n.
    1. (Eccl.) One who believes that an organized Christian
       church is complete in itself, competent to
       self-government, and independent of all ecclesiastical
    Note: In England the name is often applied (commonly in the
          pl.) to the Congregationalists.
    2. (Politics) One who does not acknowledge an obligation to
       support a party's candidate under all circumstances; one
       who exercises liberty in voting.
Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are independent means a rival who may do you wrong.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abounding in riches, affluent, alien, anythingarian, apart, apart from, apathetic, arbitrary, aside from, autarchic, autarkic, autonomous, barring, besides, beyond, big-rich, bold, centrist, comfortable, competent, controlled, detached, disconnected, discrete, discretional, discretionary, disgustingly rich, disinterested, disjunct, disrelated, dissociated, distinct, elective, erect, even, except for, excluding, exclusive of, exotic, external, extraneous, fat, fence-sitter, fifty-fifty, firm-minded, flush, foreign, forward, free, free lance, free spirit, free trader, free will, free-spirited, freethinker, freewheeling, frightfully rich, gratuitous, half-and-half, house-proud, ignoring, impartial, importunate, in funds, in the money, incommensurable, incomparable, independently rich, independently wealthy, indifferent, individual, individualist, individualistic, inner-directed, insular, irrelative, irrespective of, isolated, isolationist, Laodicean, latitudinarian, liberal, libertarian, libertine, loaded, loner, luxurious, made of money, maverick, midway, moderate, moneyed, mugwump, mugwumpian, mugwumpish, neuter, neutral, nonaligned, noncommitted, nonconformist, nonmandatory, nonpartisan, nothingarian, notwithstanding, offered, on the fence, oofy, optional, opulent, other, outlandish, outside, passive, prideful, proffered, prosperous, proud, proud as Lucifer, proud-blooded, proudful, proudhearted, proud-looking, proud-minded, proud-spirited, provided for, purse-proud, pushy, removed, rich, rich as Croesus, rolling in money, rugged individualist, segregate, self-acting, self-active, self-asserting, self-assertive, self-assured, self-centered, self-confident, self-contained, self-controlled, self-dependent, self-determined, self-determining, self-directing, self-esteeming, self-expressive, self-governed, self-governing, self-helpful, self-helping, self-improving, self-possessed, self-reliant, self-respecting, self-restrained, self-subsistent, self-sufficient, self-supporting, self-sustained, self-sustaining, separate, separated, sovereign, spontaneous, stiff-necked, strange, strong-minded, strong-willed, swing vote, third force, third world, third-force, third-world, unaffiliated, unallied, unasked, unassociated, unbesought, unbiased, unbidden, uncalled-for, uncoerced, uncommitted, uncommitted voter, uncompelled, unconnected, uncontrolled, undecided, unearned, unfettered, unforced, uninfluenced, uninvited, uninvolved, unlimited, unprejudiced, unpressured, unprompted, unrelatable, unrelated, unrequested, unrequired, unrestrained, unrestricted, unsolicited, unsought, voluntary, volunteer, wallowing in wealth, warm, wealthy, well provided for, well-fixed, well-heeled, well-off, well-to-do, willful