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Pronunciation:  `indi'sIsiv

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adj]  not definitely settling something; "a long and indecisive war"
  2. [adj]  characterized by lack of decision and firmness; "an indecisive manager brought the enterprise to a standstill"
  3. [adj]  not clearly defined; "indecisive boundaries running through mountains"

INDECISIVE is a 10 letter word that starts with I.


 Synonyms: hesitant, hesitating, inconclusive, indefinite, on the fence(p), suspensive, undecided
 Antonyms: decisive
 See Also: irresolute



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\In`de*ci"sive\, a. [Cf. F. ind['e]cisif.]
1. Not decisive; not bringing to a final or ultimate issue;
   as, an indecisive battle, argument, answer.

         The campaign had everywhere been indecisive.

2. Undetermined; prone to indecision; irresolute; unsettled;
   wavering; vacillating; hesitating; as, an indecisive state
   of mind; an indecisive character.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: adrift, afloat, agnostic, aleatoric, aleatory, alternating, ambiguous, ambitendent, ambivalent, amorphic, amorphous, anarchic, at loose ends, baggy, bland, blobby, blurred, blurry, borderline, broad, capricious, chance, chancy, changeable, changeful, chaotic, characterless, confused, desultory, deviable, dicey, disordered, disorderly, dizzy, double-minded, doubtful, doubting, dubious, eccentric, equivocal, erratic, faltering, fast and loose, featureless, fence-sitting, fence-straddling, fickle, fitful, flickering, flighty, flitting, fluctuating, foggy, formless, freakish, fuzzy, general, giddy, groundless, halfhearted, halting, hazy, hesitant, hesitating, hit-or-miss, ill-defined, impetuous, imprecise, impulsive, inaccurate, incalculable, inchoate, incoherent, inconclusive, inconsistent, inconstant, indefinable, indefinite, indemonstrable, indeterminable, indeterminate, indistinct, inexact, infirm, infirm of purpose, infirm of will, inform, insipid, irregular, irresolute, irresolved, irresponsible, kaleidoscopic, lax, loose, lumpen, mazy, mercurial, milk-and-water, milky, misty, moody, moot, mugwumpian, mugwumpish, mushy, mutable, namby-pamby, neutral, nondescript, nonspecific, not following, not proved, obscure, of two minds, open, orderless, polysemous, problematic, rambling, random, restless, roving, scatterbrained, shadowed forth, shadowy, shaky, shapeless, shifting, shifty, shilly-shallying, shuffling, skeptical, spasmodic, spineless, stochastic, sweeping, tasteless, tentative, tergiversating, touch-and-go, unaccountable, unascertained, unattested, unauthenticated, uncertain, uncertified, unclear, unconfirmable, unconfirmed, uncontrolled, unconvinced, uncorroborated, undecided, undefined, undemonstrated, undependable, undestined, undetermined, undisciplined, undivinable, unestablished, unfixed, unforeseeable, unfounded, unordered, unorganized, unpersuaded, unplain, unpredictable, unprovable, unproved, unproven, unreliable, unresolved, unrestrained, unsettled, unshown, unspecified, unstable, unstable as water, unstaid, unsteadfast, unsteady, unsubstantiated, unsupported, unsupported by evidence, unsure, unsustained, untested, untried, unvalidated, unverifiable, unverified, vacillating, vagrant, vague, vapid, variable, veiled, vicissitudinary, vicissitudinous, volatile, wandering, wanton, watery, wavering, wavery, wavy, wayward, whimsical, wishy-washy, without basis, without grounds