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Meaning of HURRY UP

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: accelerate, bundle, bustle, chase, crack on, crowd, dash, dash off, dash on, dispatch, double-time, drive on, expedite, festinate, forward, gain ground, get going, get moving, haste, hasten, hasten on, hie on, hurry, hurry along, hurry on, hurry through, hurry-scurry, hustle, hustle up, leap, lose no time, make haste, move quickly, open the throttle, pick up speed, plunge, post, precipitate, press, press on, push, push on, push through, put on, put on steam, quicken, race, railroad through, rev, run, rush, rush along, rush through, scamper, scramble, scurry, scuttle, speed, speed along, speed up, spur, spurt, stampede, step on it, step up, tear, urge, whip, whip along