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Pronunciation:  `howmu'jeeneeus

WordNet Dictionary
[adj]  all of the same or similar kind or nature; "a close-knit homogeneous group"

HOMOGENEOUS is a 11 letter word that starts with H.


 Synonyms: consistent, homogenised, homogenized, homogenous, solid, uniform
 Antonyms: heterogeneous, heterogenous
 See Also: same, undiversified, unvaried



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Ho`mo*ge"ne*ous\, a. [Gr. ?; ? the same + ? race,
kind: cf. F. homog[`e]ne. See {Same}, and {Kin}.]
1. Of the same kind of nature; consisting of similar parts,
   or of elements of the like nature; -- opposed to
   heterogeneous; as, homogeneous particles, elements, or
   principles; homogeneous bodies.

2. (Alg.) Possessing the same number of factors of a given
   kind; as, a homogeneous polynomial.

Computing Dictionary

(Or "homogenous") Of uniform nature, similar in kind.

1. In the context of distributed systems, middleware makes heterogeneous systems appear as a homogeneous entity. For example see: interoperable network.

Constrast heterogeneous.

2. (Of a polynomial) containing terms of the same degree with respect to all the variables, as in x^2 + 2xy + y^2.

3. (Of a function) containing a set of variables such that when each is multiplied by a constant, this constant can be eliminated without altering the value of the function, as in cos x/y + x/y.

4. (of an equation) containing a homogeneous function made equal to 0.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: accordant, akin, alike, aped, austere, automatic, balanced, bare, basic, chaste, comparable, consimilar, consistent, consonant, constant, continuous, copied, correspondent, counterfeit, elementary, equable, equal, ersatz, essential, even, fake, favoring, flat, following, fundamental, homely, homespun, identical, imitated, imitation, immutable, indivisible, invariable, irreducible, level, like, measured, mechanical, mere, methodic, mimicked, mock, monolithic, nearly reproduced, not unlike, of a piece, ordered, orderly, persistent, phony, plain, primal, primary, pure, pure and simple, regular, resembling, robotlike, severe, similar, simon-pure, simple, simulated, single, smacking of, smooth, something like, spare, stable, stark, steadfast, steady, suggestive of, synthetic, systematic, unadorned, unbroken, unchangeable, unchanged, unchanging, uncluttered, undeviating, undifferenced, undifferentiated, undiversified, uniform, uniform with, unruffled, unvaried, unvarying