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Meaning of HER

Pronunciation:  hur

Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Her\, pron. & a. [OE. hire, here, hir, hure, gen. and dat.
    sing., AS. hire, gen. and dat. sing. of h['e]o she. from the
    same root as E. he. See {He}.]
    The form of the objective and the possessive case of the
    personal pronoun she; as, I saw her with her purse out.
    Note: The possessive her takes the form hers when the noun
          with which in agrees is not given, but implied. ``And
          what his fortune wanted, hers could mend.'' --Dryden.
  2. \Her\, Here \Here\, pron. pl. [OE. here, hire, AS. heora,
    hyra, gen. pl. of h[=e]. See {He}.]
    Of them; their. [Obs.] --Piers Plowman.
          On here bare knees adown they fall.      --Chaucer.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: alter, alter ego, alterum, better self, ego, ethical self, female, female being, he, herself, him, himself, I, I myself, inner man, inner self, it, me, my humble self, myself, number one, oneself, other self, ourselves, self, she, subconscious self, subliminal self, superego, them, themselves, they, you, yours truly, yourself, yourselves