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Meaning of GULP

Pronunciation:  gulp

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a large and hurried swallow; "he finished it at a single gulp"
  2. [n]  a spasmodic reflex of the throat made as if in swallowing
  3. [v]  utter or make a noise, as when swallowing too quickly; "`Help,'" he gulped.
  4. [v]  eat greedily
  5. [v]  to swallow hurriedly or greedily or in one draught; "My car gulped 20 gallons without even wiping its mouth."

GULP is a 4 letter word that starts with G.


 Synonyms: devour, draft, draught, gulping, guttle, pig, quaff, raven, swig, swig
 See Also: deglutition, drink, drink, eat, get down, imbibe, inborn reflex, innate reflex, instinctive reflex, mouth, physiological reaction, reflex, speak, swallow, swallow, talk, unconditioned reflex, utter, verbalise, verbalize



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Gulp\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Gulped}; p. pr. & vb. n.
    {Gulping}.] [D. gulpen, cf. OD. golpe gulf.]
    To swallow eagerly, or in large draughts; to swallow up; to
    take down at one swallow.
          He does not swallow, but he gulps it down. --Cowper.
          The old man . . . glibly gulped down the whole
          narrative.                               --Fielding.
    {To gulp up}, to throw up from the stomach; to disgorge.
  2. \Gulp\, n.
    1. The act of taking a large mouthful; a swallow, or as much
       as is awallowed at once.
    2. A disgorging. [Colloq.]
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: Aqua-Lung, artificial respiration, aspiration, asthmatic wheeze, batten, beverage, blow, bolt, bolt down, breath, breath of air, breathe, breathe hard, breathe in, breathe out, breathing, broken wind, bumper, chug-a-lug, cough, cram, devour, draft, dram, draught, drench, drink, drinking, eat, eating, engorge, engorgement, engulf, engulfment, exhalation, exhale, exhaust, expel, expiration, expire, exsufflation, gasp, glut, gluttonize, gobble, gorge, gormandize, gulp down, gulping, guttle, guzzle, hack, hiccup, huff, imbibe, imbibition, ingest, ingestion, ingurgitate, ingurgitation, inhalation, inhalator, inhale, inspiration, inspire, insufflation, iron lung, knock back, lap, libation, live to eat, mouthful, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, nip, oxygen mask, oxygen tent, pant, peg, portion, potation, puff, pull, quaff, raven, respiration, respire, scuba, sigh, sip, slop, slosh, slurp, smother, sneeze, sniff, sniffle, snore, snoring, snort, snuff, snuffle, sternutation, stertor, stifle, strangle, stuff, suck, sup, suppress, suspiration, swallow, swallowing, swig, swill, swill down, throw down, toss off, tot, wheeze, wind, wolf, wolf down