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Meaning of GROWING

Pronunciation:  'growing

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  (electronics) the production of (semiconductor) crystals by slow crystallization from the molten state
  2. [n]  the process of an individual organism growing organically; a purely biological unfolding of events involved in an organism changing gradually from a simple to a more complex level; "he proposed an indicator of osseous development in children"
  3. [adj]  having or showing vigorous vegetal or animal life; "flourishing crops"; "flourishing chicks"; "a growing boy"; "fast-growing weeds"; "a thriving deer population"
  4. [adj]  increasing in size or degree or amount; "her growing popularity"; "growing evidence of a world depression"; "a growing city"; "growing businesses"
  5. [adj]  relating to or suitable for growth; "the growing season for corn"; "good growing weather"

GROWING is a 7 letter word that starts with G.


 Synonyms: development, flourishing, growth, healthy, increasing, maturation, ontogenesis, ontogeny, thriving
 Antonyms: nondevelopment
 See Also: amelogenesis, angiogenesis, anthesis, apposition, auxesis, biological process, blossoming, caenogenesis, cainogenesis, cenogenesis, cohesion, culture, cytogenesis, dentition, efflorescence, epitaxy, florescence, flowering, foliation, fructification, gametogenesis, gastrulation, germination, inflorescence, intussusception, juvenescence, kainogenesis, kenogenesis, leafing, life cycle, masculinisation, masculinization, morphogenesis, myelinisation, myelinization, neurogenesis, odontiasis, organic process, palingenesis, production, proliferation, psychomotor development, psychosexual development, recapitulation, rooting, sprouting, suppression, teething, teratogenesis, vegetation, virilisation, virilization



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: architecture, assembly, blooming, blossoming, budding, building, burgeoning, callow, casting, composition, construction, conversion, crafting, craftsmanship, creation, crescendoing, crescent, cultivation, developed, devising, dewy, elaboration, erection, expanding, extraction, fabrication, fashioning, florescent, flourishing, flowering, formation, forming, formulation, framing, full-fledged, full-grown, fully developed, green, green thumb, grown, grown-up, handicraft, handiwork, harvesting, hypertrophied, immature, impubic, increasing, incremental, inexperienced, ingenuous, innocent, intact, intensifying, juicy, lengthening, machining, making, manufacture, manufacturing, mature, milling, mining, minor, molding, multiplying, naive, new-fledged, on the increase, overdeveloped, overgrown, prefabrication, preparation, processing, producing, proliferating, raising, raw, rearing, refining, ripening, sappy, shaping, smelting, snowballing, spreading, sprouting, swelling, tender, thriving, tightening, unadult, underage, undeveloped, unfledged, unformed, unlicked, unmellowed, unripe, unseasoned, vernal, virginal, waxing, workmanship