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Meaning of GOUGE

Pronunciation:  gawj

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the act of gouging
  2. [n]  and edge tool with a blade like a trough for cutting channels or grooves
  3. [n]  an impression in a surface (as made by a blow)
  4. [v]  force with the thumb; "gouge out his eyes"
  5. [v]  make a groove in
  6. [v]  obtain by coercion or intimidation; "They extorted money from the executive by threatening to reveal his past to the company boss"

GOUGE is a 5 letter word that starts with G.


 Synonyms: dent, extort, force out, groove, nick, rack, rout, wring
 See Also: bleed, blemish, core out, creating by removal, defect, edge tool, fleece, gazump, gouge out, hollow, hollow out, hook, mar, mutilate, overcharge, pluck, plume, rob, soak, surcharge



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Gouge\, n. [F. gouge. LL. gubia, guvia, gulbia, gulvia,
gulvium; cf. Bisc. gubia bow, gubioa throat.]
1. A chisel, with a hollow or semicylindrical blade, for
   scooping or cutting holes, channels, or grooves, in wood,
   stone, etc.; a similar instrument, with curved edge, for
   turning wood.

2. A bookbinder's tool for blind tooling or gilding, having a
   face which forms a curve.

3. An incising tool which cuts forms or blanks for gloves,
   envelopes, etc. from leather, paper, etc. --Knight.

4. (Mining) Soft material lying between the wall of a vein
   aud the solid vein. --Raymond.

5. The act of scooping out with a gouge, or as with a gouge;
   a groove or cavity scooped out, as with a gouge.

6. Imposition; cheat; fraud; also, an impostor; a cheat; a
   trickish person. [Slang, U. S.]

{Gouge bit}, a boring bit, shaped like a gouge.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: alveolation, alveolus, auger, avulse, bandage, beat, bedazzle, beguile of, benight, bezel, bilk, bite, blackmail, bleed, bleed white, blind, blind the eyes, blindfold, bore, broach, bunco, burn, burrow, canal, canalize, carve, chamfer, channel, chase, cheat, chink, chisel, chouse, chouse out of, clip, cog, cog the dice, con, corrugate, corrugation, countersink, cozen, crack, cranny, crib, crimp, cut, cut out, cutthroat, dado, darken, daze, dazzle, defraud, delve, dent, deprive of sight, deracinate, diddle, dig, dig out, dig up, dike, dim, dimple, dint, disentangle, ditch, do in, do out of, draw, draw out, dredge, dredge up, drill, drive, eclipse, empierce, engrave, engraving, eradicate, euchre, evolve, evulse, exact, exacting, excavate, excecate, excessive, excise, exorbitant, exploit, exsect, extort, extortionate, extract, extravagant, extricate, fancy, finagle, fix, flam, fleece, flimflam, flute, fluting, fob, fudge, furrow, gash, get out, glare, goffer, gore, gouge out, gouging, groove, grossly overpriced, grub, grub up, gull, gully, gyp, have, hocus, hocus-pocus, hold up, hole, hollow, hollow out, honeycomb, hoodwink, immoderate, impale, impress, impression, imprint, incise, incision, indent, indentation, indention, indenture, inflationary, inordinate, lance, lower, make blind, microgroove, milk, mine, mulct, needle, notch, obscure, out of bounds, out of sight, outrageous, overcharge, overprice, overpriced, overtax, pack the deal, penetrate, perforate, pick out, pierce, pigeon, pinch, pink, pit, pleat, plow, pluck out, pluck up, pock, pockmark, practice fraud upon, preposterous, prick, print, profiteer, prohibitive, pull, pull out, pull up, punch, puncture, quarry, rabbet, rake out, ream, ream out, remove, riddle, rifle, rifling, rip out, rook, root out, root up, ruck, run through, rut, sap, scam, scoop, scoop out, score, scrabble, scrape, scratch, screw, sell gold bricks, shake, shave, shortchange, shovel, sink, skewer, skin, skyrocketing, slit, snow-blind, soak, spade, spear, spike, spiraling, spit, squeeze, stab, stack the cards, stick, sting, streak, stria, striate, striation, strike blind, sulcation, sulcus, sunken part, surcharge, swindle, take a dive, take out, tap, tear out, thimblerig, throw a fight, transfix, transpierce, trench, trepan, trephine, trough, tunnel, unconscionable, undue, unearth, unravel, unreasonable, unwarranted, uproot, usurious, victimize, weed out, well-worn groove, withdraw, wrench, wrest, wrest out, wrinkle