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Meaning of GOBBET

Pronunciation:  'gâbit

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  a lump or chunk of raw meat

GOBBET is a 6 letter word that starts with G.


 See Also: raw meat



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Gob"bet\, n. [OE. & F. gobet. See 2d {Gob}.]
    A mouthful; a lump; a small piece. --Spenser.
          [He] had broken the stocks to small gobbets. --Wyclif.
  2. \Gob"bet\, v. t.
    To swallow greedily; to swallow in gobbets. [Low]
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: ace, atom, ball, balloon, bit, bladder, blob, boll, bolus, bubble, bulb, bulbil, bulblet, butt, chip, chunk, clip, clipping, collop, crumb, cut, cutting, dab, dole, dollop, dot, dram, dribble, driblet, droplet, dwarf, ellipsoid, end, farthing, fleck, flyspeck, fragment, geoid, globe, globelet, globoid, globule, glomerulus, gob, grain, granule, groat, hair, handful, hunk, iota, jot, knob, knot, little, little bit, lump, minim, minimum, minutiae, mite, modicum, moiety, molecule, morsel, mote, nutshell, oblate spheroid, orb, orbit, orblet, ounce, paring, particle, pebble, pellet, piece, pinch, pittance, point, prolate spheroid, rasher, rondure, scoop, scrap, scruple, shard, shaving, shiver, shred, slice, sliver, smidgen, smitch, smithereen, snack, snatch, snip, snippet, speck, sphere, spheroid, spherule, splinter, spoonful, spot, stitch, stump, tatter, thimbleful, tiny bit, tittle, trifling amount, trivia, whit