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Meaning of GARLAND

Pronunciation:  'gârlund, 'gârlund

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposes
  2. [n]  an anthology of short literary pieces and poems and ballads etc.
  3. [n]  a city in northeastern Texas (suburb of Dallas)
  4. [n]  United States singer and film actress (1922-1969)
  5. [v]  adorn with garlands; "They garlanded the statue"

GARLAND is a 7 letter word that starts with G.


 Synonyms: chaplet, coronal, florilegium, Judy Garland, lei, miscellany, wreath
 See Also: actress, adorn, anthology, bay wreath, beautify, city, crown, decorate, embellish, flower arrangement, grace, laurel wreath, laurels, Lone-Star State, metropolis, ornament, singer, Texas, TX, urban center, vocaliser, vocalist, vocalizer



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Gar"land\, n. [OE. garland, gerlond, OF. garlande, F.
    guirlande; of uncertain origin; cf. OHG. wiara, wiera, crown,
    pure gold, MHG. wieren to adorn.]
    1. The crown of a king. [Obs.] --Graffon.
    2. A wreath of chaplet made of branches, flowers, or
       feathers, and sometimes of precious stones, to be worn on
       the head like a crown; a coronal; a wreath. --Pope.
    3. The top; the thing most prized. --Shak.
    4. A book of extracts in prose or poetry; an anthology.
             They [ballads] began to be collected into little
             miscellanies under the name of garlands. --Percy.
    5. (Naut.)
       (a) A sort of netted bag used by sailors to keep provision
       (b) A grommet or ring of rope lashed to a spar for
           convenience in handling.
  2. \Gar"land\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Garlanded}; p. pr. &
    vb. n. {Garlanding}.]
    To deck with a garland. --B. Jonson.
Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing a garland in your dream, represents wholeness and completeness. Dreaming that you are wearing a garland, suggests a bond.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: achievement, album, alerion, ana, analects, animal charge, annular muscle, annulet, annulus, anthology, areola, argent, armorial bearings, armory, arms, aureole, azure, bandeau, bar, bar sinister, baton, bays, bead, bearings, beauties, bejewel, bend, bend sinister, beribbon, bespangle, billet, blazon, blazonry, book of verse, bordure, boughpot, bouquet, boutonniere, broad arrow, buttonhole, cadency mark, canon, canton, chaplet, charge, chevron, chief, chrestomathy, circle, circlet, circuit, circumference, circus, civic crown, closed circle, coat of arms, cockatrice, coil, collectanea, collected works, collection, compilation, complete works, corona, coronal, coronet, corsage, crescent, crest, cross, cross moline, crown, cup, cycle, decorate, delectus, device, diadem, diamond, difference, differencing, discus, disk, eagle, encircle, engrave, ermine, ermines, erminites, erminois, escutcheon, eternal return, fairy ring, falcon, feather, fess, fess point, festoon, Festschrift, field, figure, file, filigree, flag, flanch, fleur-de-lis, florilegium, flounce, flower, flower arrangement, flowers, fret, fur, fusil, garden, gem, glory, griffin, gules, gyron, halo, hatchment, helmet, heraldic device, honor point, illuminate, impalement, impaling, inescutcheon, jewel, label, lasso, laurel, laurels, lei, lion, logical circle, loop, looplet, loving cup, lozenge, magic circle, mantling, marshaling, martlet, mascle, metal, miscellanea, miscellany, motto, mullet, nombril point, noose, nosegay, O, octofoil, Old Mug, omnibus, or, orbit, ordinary, orle, paint, pale, palm, palms, paly, pean, pheon, photograph album, plume, poesy, poetic works, posy, pot, purpure, quarter, quartering, quotation book, radius, ribbon, ring, rondelle, rose, round, roundel, sable, saltire, saucer, scrapbook, scutcheon, shield, spangle, sphincter, spiral, spray, spread eagle, subordinary, symposium, tenne, tincture, tinsel, torse, tressure, trophy, unicorn, vair, vert, vicious circle, wheel, wreath, wreathe, yale