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Meaning of GAMMA RAY

Pronunciation:  'gamu rey

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  electromagnetic radiation emitted during radioactive decay and having an extremely short wavelength
 Synonyms: gamma radiation
 See Also: electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic spectrum, electromagnetic wave, nonparticulate radiation



Biology Dictionary
 Definition: Electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths of 1 nanometer or shorter. These are highly energized, deeply penetrating photons which can be emitted from an atomic nucleus during nuclear fission (the splitting of an atom) and during regular atomic decay (radioactivity).
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: actinic ray, actinism, alpha radiation, alpha ray, anode ray, atomic beam, atomic ray, beam, beam of light, Becquerel ray, beta radiation, beta ray, canal ray, cathode ray, cosmic radiation, cosmic ray, cosmic ray bombardment, electron emission, gleam, Grenz ray, infrared ray, infraroentgen ray, invisible radiation, leam, nuclear rays, patch, pencil, photon, positive ray, radiation, radiorays, ray, ray of light, ribbon, ribbon of light, Roentgen ray, solar rays, streak, stream, stream of light, streamer, ultraviolet ray, violet ray, X radiation, X ray