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Meaning of GALLERY

Pronunciation:  'galuree

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  (mining) a horizontal (or nearly horizontal) passageway in a mine; "they dug a drift parallel with the vein"
  2. [n]  narrow recessed balcony area along an upper floor on the interior of a building; usually marked by a colonnade
  3. [n]  a covered corridor (especially one extending along the wall of a building and supported with arches or columns)
  4. [n]  a long usually narrow room used for some specific purpose; "shooting gallery"
  5. [n]  a room or series of rooms where works of art are exhibited
  6. [n]  a porch along the outside of a building (sometimes partly enclosed)
  7. [n]  spectators at a golf or tennis match

GALLERY is a 7 letter word that starts with G.


 Synonyms: art gallery, drift, heading, picture gallery, veranda, verandah
 See Also: amphitheater, amphitheatre, audience, balcony, choir loft, corridor, lanai, organ loft, passageway, porch, room, salon



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Gal"ler*y\, n.; pl. {Galleries}. [F. galerie, It.
galleria, fr. LL. galeria gallery, perh. orig., a festal
hall, banquetting hall; cf. OF. galerie a rejoicing, fr.
galer to rejoice. Cf. {Gallant}, a.]
1. A long and narrow corridor, or place for walking; a
   connecting passageway, as between one room and another;
   also, a long hole or passage excavated by a boring or
   burrowing animal.

2. A room for the exhibition of works of art; as, a picture
   gallery; hence, also, a large or important collection of
   paintings, sculptures, etc.

3. A long and narrow platform attached to one or more sides
   of public hall or the interior of a church, and supported
   by brackets or columns; -- sometimes intended to be
   occupied by musicians or spectators, sometimes designed
   merely to increase the capacity of the hall.

4. (Naut.) A frame, like a balcony, projecting from the stern
   or quarter of a ship, and hence called {stern gallery} or
   {quarter gallery}, -- seldom found in vessels built since

5. (Fort.) Any communication which is covered overhead as
   well as at the sides. When prepared for defense, it is a
   defensive gallery.

6. (Mining) A working drift or level.

{Whispering gallery}. See under {Whispering}.

Easton Bible Dictionary

(1.) Heb. 'attik (Ezek. 41:15, 16), a terrace; a projection; ledge.

(2.) Heb. rahit (Cant. 1:17), translated "rafters," marg. "galleries;" probably panel-work or fretted ceiling.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abri, access, aisle, alley, ambulatory, amphitheater, aperture, approach trench, arcade, areaway, arena, art gallery, artery, assembly hall, atelier, audience, auditorium, auditory, avenue, balcony, band, beacon, bed, bedding, belt, belvedere, bleachers, box, box seat, breezeway, bridge, British Museum, bunker, catafalque, channel, chapel, cloister, colonnade, communication, communication trench, concert hall, conduit, congregation, connection, conning tower, convention hall, corridor, couche, countermine, coupure, course, covered way, curatorship, dais, dance hall, deck, defile, display room, ditch, double sap, dress circle, dugout, emplacement, entrenchment, estrade, exhibition hall, exhibition room, exit, fauteuil, ferry, fire trench, floor, flying sap, ford, fortified tunnel, fosse, foxhole, gazebo, grandstand, groundling, Guggenheim Museum, hall, hallway, heliport, Hermitage, house, hustings, inlet, interchange, intersection, junction, lanai, landing, landing pad, landing stage, lane, launching pad, layer, lecture hall, ledge, level, lighthouse, loge, loggia, lookout, loophole, Louvre, measures, meetinghouse, Metropolitan Museum, mine, moat, museology, museum, music hall, National Gallery, nigger heaven, observation post, observatory, opening, opera house, orchestra, orchestra circle, outlet, outlook, overlayer, overlook, overpass, overstory, paradise, parallel, parquet, parquet circle, parterre, pass, passage, passageway, patio, peanut gallery, peephole, pergola, peristyle, pharos, piazza, picture gallery, pinacotheca, pit, platform, podium, porch, portico, Prado, proscenium boxes, pulpit, railroad tunnel, Rijksmuseum, ringside, ringside seat, rostrum, salon, sap, seam, shelf, showroom, sighthole, sleeping porch, slit trench, soapbox, solarium, spectator, stadium, stage, stall, standing room, step, step terrace, stoop, story, stratum, studio, stump, substratum, sun porch, superstratum, Tate Gallery, terrace, Texas tower, theater, theatre stall, thickness, tier, top gallery, topsoil, tower, traject, trajet, trench, tribunal, tribune, tunnel, Uffizi, underlayer, underpass, understory, understratum, veranda, watchtower, zone