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Meaning of FULLNESS

Pronunciation:  'fûlnes

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the property of a sound that has a rich and pleasing timbre
  2. [n]  greatness of volume
  3. [n]  the condition of being filled to capacity
  4. [n]  completeness over a broad scope

FULLNESS is a 8 letter word that starts with F.


 Synonyms: comprehensiveness, mellowness, richness, voluminosity, voluminousness
 Antonyms: emptiness
 See Also: bigness, completeness, condition, excess, infestation, largeness, overabundance, quality, repletion, satiation, satiety, solidity, status, surfeit, timber, timbre, tone



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Full"ness\, n.
The state of being full, or of abounding; abundance;
completeness. [Written also {fulness}.]

      ``In thy presence is fullness of joy.''  --Ps. xvi. 11.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abundance, affluence, ample sufficiency, ampleness, amplitude, avalanche, bassness, beam, bellyful, bonanza, boundlessness, bountifulness, bountiousness, breadth, broadness, bulk, bumper crop, ceaselessness, completeness, comprehensiveness, congestion, consecutiveness, constancy, constant flow, continualness, continuity, continuousness, copiousness, crescendo, deepness, distance across, endlessness, engorgement, enormity, enormousness, entireness, equilibrium, exhaustiveness, expanse, extent, extravagance, exuberance, featurelessness, fertility, fill, flood, flood tide, flow, foison, formidableness, full, full measure, gaplessness, generosity, generousness, gigantism, glut, grandeur, grandness, great abundance, great plenty, great scope, greatness, gush, high tide, high water, holism, hollowness, hugeness, immensity, impletion, incessancy, inclusiveness, infinity, intactness, integrity, intensity, jointlessness, landslide, largeness, latitude, lavishness, liberality, liberalness, lots, loudishness, loudness, lowness, luxuriance, magnitude, maximum, mellowness, might, mightiness, monotony, more than enough, much, muchness, myriad, myriads, numerousness, opulence, opulency, outpouring, overflow, overfullness, plangency, plenitude, plenteousness, plentifulness, plenty, plethora, power, prevalence, prodigality, prodigiousness, productiveness, profuseness, profusion, quantities, repleteness, repletion, resonance, rich harvest, rich vein, richness, riot, riotousness, satiation, satiety, satisfaction, saturatedness, saturation, saturation point, scads, scope, seamlessness, shower, skinful, smoothness, snootful, sonority, sonorousness, soundness, span, spate, spread, spring tide, stability, steadiness, steady state, stream, strength, stupendousness, substantiality, substantialness, successiveness, superabundance, supersaturation, surfeit, surge, surge of sound, swell, swelling, teemingness, total approach, totality, tremendousness, unbrokenness, undifferentiation, uniformity, unintermittedness, uninterruptedness, uninterruption, unity, universality, unrelievedness, vastness, vibrancy, volume, wealth, wholeness, wideness, width