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Meaning of FRUSTRATE

Pronunciation:  'frustreyt

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [v]  treat cruelly; "The children tormented the stuttering teacher"
  2. [v]  hinder or prevent (the efforts, plans, or desires) of; "What ultimately frustrated every challenger was Ruth's amazing September surge"; "foil your opponent"

FRUSTRATE is a 9 letter word that starts with F.


 Synonyms: baffle, bedevil, bilk, cross, crucify, dun, foil, queer, rag, scotch, spoil, thwart, torment
 See Also: badger, beleaguer, beset, bug, chevvy, chevy, chivvy, chivy, dash, disappoint, double cross, forbid, foreclose, forestall, hamstring, harass, harry, hassle, let down, madden, molest, oppress, persecute, pester, plague, preclude, prevent, provoke, ruin, short-circuit, tease



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Frus"trate\, a. [L. frustratus, p. p. of frustrare,
    frustrari, to deceive, frustrate, fr. frustra in vain, witout
    effect, in erorr, prob. for frudtra and akin to fraus, E.
    Vain; ineffectual; useless; unprofitable; null; voil;
    nugatory; of no effect. ``Our frustrate search.'' --Shak.
  2. \Frus"trate\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Frustrated}; p. pr.
    & vb. n. {Frustrating}.]
    1. To bring to nothing; to prevent from attaining a purpose;
       to disappoint; to defeat; to baffle; as, to frustrate a
       plan, design, or attempt; to frustrate the will or
             Shall the adversary thus obtain His end and
             frustrate thine ?                     --Milton.
    2. To make null; to nullifly; to render invalid or of no
       effect; as, to frustrate a conveyance or deed.
    Syn: To balk; thwart; foil; baffle; defeat.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: annul, anticipate, arrest, baffle, balk, bar, beat, bilk, blast, block, brave, bring to nothing, buffalo, buffer, cancel, cancel out, cast down, challenge, check, checkmate, circumvent, come to nothing, confound, confront, conquer, contravene, counter, counteract, counterbalance, countermand, counterwork, cripple, cross, dash, deceive, defeat, defeat expectation, defy, destroy, disappoint, discomfit, disconcert, discountenance, discourage, dish, disillusion, disrupt, dissatisfy, elude, evade, exasperate, flummox, foil, forbid, forestall, get around, get round, give the runaround, give the slip, go one better, halt, hamper, hamstring, hinder, impede, inhibit, interrupt, invalidate, knock the chocks, let down, lick, negate, negativate, negative, neutralize, nonplus, nullify, obstruct, obviate, offset, outfigure, outflank, outgeneral, outguess, outmaneuver, outplay, outreach, outsmart, outwit, overcome, overreach, pass the buck, perplex, preclude, prevent, prohibit, redress, repel, repulse, ruin, sabotage, scotch, spike, spoil, stonewall, stop, stultify, stump, stymie, tantalize, tease, thwart, undo, upset, victimize, vitiate, void