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Meaning of FROST

Pronunciation:  frost, frost

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  American poet famous for his lyrical poems on country life in New England (1874-1963)
  2. [n]  weather cold enough to cause freezing
  3. [n]  the formation of frost or ice on a surface
  4. [n]  ice crystals forming a white deposit (especially on objects outside)
  5. [v]  decorate with frosting; "frost a cake"
 Synonyms: freeze, hoar, hoarfrost, ice, icing, rime, Robert Frost, Robert Lee Frost
 See Also: cold snap, cold spell, cold wave, cold weather, cover, freeze, freezing, ice, poet, water ice



Products Dictionary

The early frost that grips the autumn air surrounding King of Prussia, Pennsylvania serves to punctuate the difficult circumstances of the Depression and Ingrid Mueller's deep grief over losing her husband. By the author of Snow.

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Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Frost\, n. [OE. frost, forst, AS. forst, frost. fr.
    fre['o]san to freeze; akin to D. varst, G., OHG., Icel.,
    Dan., & Sw. frost. [root]18. See {Freeze}, v. i.]
    1. The act of freezing; -- applied chiefly to the congelation
       of water; congelation of fluids.
    2. The state or temperature of the air which occasions
       congelation, or the freezing of water; severe cold or
       freezing weather.
             The third bay comes a frost, a killing frost.
    3. Frozen dew; -- called also {hoarfrost} or {white frost}.
             He scattereth the frost like ashes.   --Ps. cxlvii.
    4. Coldness or insensibility; severity or rigidity of
       character. [R.]
             It was of those moments of intense feeling when the
             frost of the Scottish people melts like a snow
             wreath.                               --Sir W.
    {Black frost}, cold so intense as to freeze vegetation and
       cause it to turn black, without the formation of
    {Frost bearer} (Physics), a philosophical instrument
       illustrating the freezing of water in a vacuum; a
    {Frost grape} (Bot.), an American grape, with very small,
       acid berries.
    {Frost lamp}, a lamp placed below the oil tube of an Argand
       lamp to keep the oil limpid on cold nights; -- used
       especially in lighthouses. --Knight.
    {Frost nail}, a nail with a sharp head driven into a horse's
       shoe to keen him from slipping.
    {Frost smoke}, an appearance resembling smoke, caused by
       congelation of vapor in the atmosphere in time of severe
             The brig and the ice round her are covered by a
             strange black obscurity: it is the frost smoke of
             arctic winters.                       --Kane.
    {Frost valve}, a valve to drain the portion of a pipe,
       hydrant, pump, etc., where water would be liable to
    {Jack Frost}, a popular personification of frost.
  2. \Frost\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Frostted}; p. pr. & vb. n.
    1. To injure by frost; to freeze, as plants.
    2. To cover with hoarfrost; to produce a surface resembling
       frost upon, as upon cake, metals, or glass.
             While with a hoary light she frosts the ground.
    3. To roughen or sharpen, as the nail heads or calks of
       horseshoes, so as to fit them for frosty weather.
Easton Bible Dictionary

(Heb. kerah, from its smoothness) Job 37:10 (R.V., "ice"); Gen. 31:40; Jer. 36:30; rendered "ice" in Job 6:16, 38:29; and "crystal" in Ezek. 1:22. "At the present day frost is entirely unknown in the lower portions of the valley of the Jordan, but slight frosts are sometimes felt on the sea-coast and near Lebanon." Throughout Western Asia cold frosty nights are frequently succeeded by warm days.

"Hoar frost" (Heb. kephor, so called from its covering the ground) is mentioned in Ex. 16:14; Job 38:29; Ps. 147:16.

In Ps. 78:47 the word rendered "frost" (R.V. marg., "great hail-stones"), _hanamal_, occurs only there. It is rendered by Gesenius, the Hebrew lexicographer, "ant," and so also by others, but the usual interpretation derived from the ancient versions may be maintained.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: benumb, besnow, bite, bitter weather, black frost, blanch, bleach, bleak weather, bomb, bust, cap, chalk, chill, chilliness, climax, cold snap, cold wave, cold weather, coldness, consummate, coolness, crest, crown, culminate, cut, depth of winter, disaffinity, dull thud, enmity, etiolate, fizzle, flat failure, flop, floperoo, freeze, freezing weather, frost line, frost over, frost smoke, frostbite, go through, grizzle, hail, hard winter, head, hoar, hoarfrost, ice, ice over, ice up, iciness, incompatibility, incompatibleness, inhospitality, inimicality, Jack Frost, killing frost, lemon, nip, numb, outtop, overarch, overtop, peak, penetrate, personal conflict, pierce, raw weather, refrigerate, rime, rime frost, sharp frost, silver, sleet, snap, snow, snow in, snow under, strain, subzero weather, surmount, tension, tip, top, top off, total loss, turkey, unamiability, uncordiality, unfriendliness, ungeniality, unsociability, washout, white, white frost, whiten, winter, wintry weather, wintry wind, zero weather