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Pronunciation:  'fowrth'kuming

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adj]  available when required or as promised; "federal funds were not forthcoming"
  2. [adj]  of the relatively near future; "the approaching election"; "this coming Thursday"; "the forthcoming holidays"; "the upcoming spring fashions"
  3. [adj]  at ease in talking to others

FORTHCOMING is a 11 letter word that starts with F.


 Synonyms: approaching, available, coming(a), extroverted, future, outgoing, sociable, upcoming



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Forth"com`ing\ (? or ?), a.
Ready or about to appear; making appearance.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: about to be, access, accessible, accession, advance, advancing, advent, affable, afflux, affluxion, already in sight, amiable, anticipated, apparition, appearance, appearing, approach, approaching, appropinquation, approximate, approximation, approximative, appulse, arising, at hand, attracted to, avatar, awaited, brewing, chatty, close, close at hand, close by, coming, coming into being, coming near, coming toward, coming-forth, communicative, departure, desired, destinal, destined, determined, disclosure, drawn to, egress, egression, emanating, emanative, emanent, emergence, emergent, emerging, epiphany, eventual, exit, exodus, expansive, expected, exposure, extraction, extrapolated, fatal, fated, fatidic, flowing toward, foreseen, free, friendly, future, futuristic, futurity, gathering, going on, going out, going to happen, hereafter, hoped-for, immediate, immediate future, imminence, imminent, impendence, impendency, impendent, impending, in danger imminent, in embryo, in hand, in preparation, in process, in production, in progress, in prospect, in reserve, in store, in the cards, in the offing, in the oven, in the wind, in the works, in view, incarnation, informative, instant, issuance, issuing, later, loom, looming, lowering, lurking, manifestation, materialization, materializing, menacing, near, near at hand, near future, nearing, nearness, occurrence, on stream, on the anvil, on the fire, on the horizon, on the way, oncoming, open, opening, outcome, outcoming, outgo, outgoing, overhanging, pending, planned, plotted, predicted, preparing, presentation, probable, projected, prophesied, prospective, proximate, proximation, realization, revealing, revelation, rise, rising, showing, showing forth, sociable, surfacing, talkative, that will be, theophany, threatening, to come, to-be, transeunt, transient, ultimate, under construction, under revision, under way, unfolding, unfoldment, unreserved, upcoming, waiting