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Meaning of FORMAT

Pronunciation:  'format

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the general appearance of a publication
  2. [n]  the organization of information according to preset specifications (usually for computer processing)
  3. [v]  divide (a disk) into marked sectors so that it may store data; "Please format this disk before entering data!"
  4. [v]  determine the arrangement of (data) for storage and display (in computer science)
  5. [v]  set into a specific format; of printed matter; "Format this letter so it can be printed out"

FORMAT is a 6 letter word that starts with F.


 Synonyms: arrange, data format, data formatting, formatting, initialise, initialize
 See Also: appearance, carve up, change, determine, dissever, divide, high-level formatting, indent, info, information, initialisation, initialization, low-level formatting, publication, rubricate, separate, set, split, split up, visual aspect



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\For`mat"\ (f[-o]r`m[.a]" or f[-o]r`m[aum]t"), n. [F. or
G. Cf. {Formation}.] (Print.)
The shape and size of a book; hence, its external form.

      The older manuscripts had been written in a much larger
      format than that found convenient for university work.
                                               --G. H.

      One might, indeed, protest that the format is a little
      too luxurious.                           --Nature.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: aesthetic form, anatomy, appearance, archetype, architectonics, architecture, arrangement, art form, aspect, build, building, cast, composition, configuration, conformation, constitution, construction, contents, creation, cut, design, dimensions, fabric, fabrication, fashion, fashioning, figuration, figure, forging, form, formation, frame, genre, getup, impression, inner form, layout, looks, make, makeup, making, manufacture, matrix, modality, mode, model, mold, molding, order, organic structure, organism, organization, pattern, patterning, physique, plan, Platonic form, Platonic idea, production, prototype, set, setup, set-up, shape, shaping, significant form, size, stamp, structure, structuring, style, tectonics, texture, tissue, turn, type, warp and woof, weave, web