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Pronunciation:  'fowr`thot

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  judiciousness in avoiding harm or danger; "he exercised caution in opening the door"; "he handled the vase with care"
  2. [n]  planning or plotting in advance of acting

FORETHOUGHT is a 11 letter word that starts with F.


 Synonyms: care, caution, precaution, premeditation
 See Also: judiciousness, planning, preparation, provision



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Fore"thought`\, a.
    Thought of, or planned, beforehand; aforethought; prepense;
    hence, deliberate. ``Forethought malice.'' --Bacon.
  2. \Fore"thought`\, n.
    A thinking or planning beforehand; prescience; premeditation;
    forecast; provident care.
          A sphere that will demand from him forethought,
          courage, and wisdom.                     --I. Taylor.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: aforethought, anticipation, approach, arrangement, attack, attention, blueprint, blueprinting, calculatedness, calculation, canniness, care, carefulness, caution, charting, circumspection, circumspectness, conception, concern, consideration, contrivance, deliberateness, deliberation, design, device, discreetness, discretion, disposition, enterprise, envisagement, express intention, expressness, figuring, forearming, forehandedness, foresight, foresightedness, forethoughtfulness, game, graphing, ground plan, guidelines, gumption, heed, heedfulness, idea, insurance, intention, intentionality, judgment, layout, lineup, long-range plan, loving care, mapping, master plan, measures, method, methodology, mindfulness, operations research, organization, plan, planning, planning function, plotting, prearrangement, precaution, precautions, precautiousness, preconsideration, predeliberation, predetermination, premeditation, preparedness, preresolution, preventive measure, procedure, program, program of action, protection, providence, provision, rationalization, regard, regardfulness, safeguard, schedule, schema, schematism, schematization, scheme, scheme of arrangement, sense, setup, solicitude, steps, steps and measures, strategic plan, strategy, system, systematization, tactical plan, tactics, tender loving care, the big picture, the picture, thoughtfulness, TLC, way, working plan