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Meaning of FLOURISH

Pronunciation:  'flurish

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  (music) a short lively tune played on brass instruments; "he entered to a flourish of trumpets"; "her arrival was greeted with a rousing fanfare"
  2. [n]  the act of waving
  3. [n]  a display of ornamental speech or language
  4. [n]  a showy gesture; "she entered with a great flourish"
  5. [n]  an ornamental embellishment in writing
  6. [v]  grow stronger; "The economy was booming"
  7. [v]  move or swing back and forth; "She waved her gun."
  8. [v]  gain in wealth

FLOURISH is a 8 letter word that starts with F.


 Synonyms: boom, brandish, brandish, expand, fanfare, fligh high, get ahead, prosper, prosper, thrive, thrive, wave
 See Also: air, change state, displace, embellishment, gesture, grandiloquence, grandiosity, grow, hold, line, luxuriate, magniloquence, melodic line, melodic phrase, melody, motion, move, paraph, revive, rhetoric, strain, take hold, tune, turn, wafture, wave, waving, wigwag



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Flour"ish\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. {Flourished}; p. pr. &
    vb. n. {Flourishing}.] [OE. florisshen, flurisshen, OF.
    flurir, F. fleurir, fr. L. florere to bloom, fr. flos,
    floris, flower. See {Flower}, and {-ish}.]
    1. To grow luxuriantly; to increase and enlarge, as a healthy
       growing plant; a thrive.
             A tree thrives and flourishes in a kindly . . .
             soil.                                 --Bp. Horne.
    2. To be prosperous; to increase in wealth, honor, comfort,
       happiness, or whatever is desirable; to thrive; to be
       prominent and influental; specifically, of authors,
       painters, etc., to be in a state of activity or
             When all the workers of iniquity do flourish. --Ps.
                                                   xcii 7
             Bad men as frequently prosper and flourish, and that
             by the means of their wickedness.     --Nelson.
             We say Of those that held their heads above the
             crowd, They flourished then or then.  --Tennyson.
    3. To use florid language; to indulge in rhetorical figures
       and lofty expressions; to be flowery.
             They dilate . . . and flourish long on little
             incidents.                            --J. Watts.
    4. To make bold and sweeping, fanciful, or wanton movements,
       by way of ornament, parade, bravado, etc.; to play with
       fantastic and irregular motion.
             Impetuous spread The stream, and smoking flourished
             o'er his head.                        --Pope.
    5. To make ornamental strokes with the pen; to write
       graceful, decorative figures.
    6. To execute an irregular or fanciful strain of music, by
       way of ornament or prelude.
             Why do the emperor's trumpets flourish thus? --Shak.
    7. To boast; to vaunt; to brag. --Pope.
  2. \Flour"ish\, v. t.
    1. To adorn with flowers orbeautiful figures, either natural
       or artificial; to ornament with anything showy; to
       embellish. [Obs.] --Fenton.
    2. To embellish with the flowers of diction; to adorn with
       rhetorical figures; to grace with ostentatious eloquence;
       to set off with a parade of words. [Obs.]
             Sith that the justice of your title to him Doth
             flourish the deceit.                  --Shak.
    3. To move in bold or irregular figures; to swing about in
       circles or vibrations by way of show or triumph; to
             And flourishes his blade in spite of me. --Shak.
    4. To develop; to make thrive; to expand. [Obs.]
             Bottoms of thread . . . which with a good needle,
             perhaps may be flourished into large works. --Bacon.
  3. \Flour"ish\, n.; pl. {Flourishes}.
    1. A flourishing condition; prosperity; vigor. [Archaic]
             The Roman monarchy, in her highest flourish, never
             had the like.                         --Howell.
    2. Decoration; ornament; beauty.
             The flourish of his sober youth Was the pride of
             naked truth.                          --Crashaw.
    3. Something made or performed in a fanciful, wanton, or
       vaunting manner, by way of ostentation, to excite
       admiration, etc.; ostentatious embellishment; ambitious
       copiousness or amplification; parade of words and figures;
       show; as, a flourish of rhetoric or of wit.
             He lards with flourishes his long harangue.
    4. A fanciful stroke of the pen or graver; a merely
       decorative figure.
             The neat characters and flourishes of a Bible
             curiously printed.                    --Boyle.
    5. A fantastic or decorative musical passage; a strain of
       triumph or bravado, not forming part of a regular musical
       composition; a cal; a fanfare.
             A flourish, trumpets! strike alarum, drums! --Shak.
    6. The waving of a weapon or other thing; a brandishing; as,
       the flourish of a sword.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: acciaccatura, adjunct, adorn, adornment, advertise, affect, air, amplify, appoggiatura, arabesque, arrangement, arrive, asiaticism, augment, batten, be energetic, be somebody, be something, be vigorous, bear fruit, beauties, betoken, blazon, blazon forth, bloom, blossom, blow, bluster, boast, bonus, boom, brag, brandish, brandishing, bravura, breathe, brew, brilliancy, bring forth, bring forward, bring into view, bring out, bring to maturity, bring to notice, bud, burgeon, burst forth, burst with energy, burst with health, cadence, cadenza, color, color patterns, coloratura, colors, colors of rhetoric, come to fruition, convolute, curlicue, cut a dash, cut a figure, dangle, daring, dash, decor, decorate, decoration, demonstrate, demonstration, develop, device, disclose, display, division, divulge, do well, dramatics, dramatize, draw the longbow, eclat, elaborate, elaboration, elegant variation, embellish, embellishment, emblazon, emblazonment, emblazonry, embody, embroider, embroidery, enact, enjoy good health, enrich, etalage, euphuism, evidence, evince, exhibit, exhibition, exhibitionism, expand, expose to view, express, extempore, extra, extra added attraction, extra dash, false front, fanfare, fanfaronade, fare well, fatten, feel fine, feel good, festoon, figurative language, figurativeness, figure, figure of speech, filigree, filling, fillip, fine writing, fioritura, flair, flap, flash, flaunt, flaunting, flight, float, floridity, floridness, flourishing, flower, flower arrangement, floweriness, flowers of speech, flowery style, flutter, fly, frill, fructify, furbelow, furniture arrangement, garnish, garnishment, garniture, gasconade, gather, gemmate, germinate, gesturing, get ahead, gild, give sign, give token, gleam, glitter, glow, go, go great guns, grace, grace note, grow, grow fat, grow rank, grow up, have energy, highlight, histrionics, hold up, hot lick, hypertrophy, illuminate, illumination, image, imagery, impromptu, improvisation, in full swing, incarnate, incidental, incidental note, increase, indicate, interpolation, involve, keep fit, lagniappe, leaf, leaf out, leave, lick, live, load with ornament, long mordent, lushness, luxuriance, luxuriate, make a figure, make a splash, make clear, make good, make out, make plain, manifest, manifestation, manner of speaking, materialize, maturate, mature, mean, mellow, mordent, multiply, mushroom, never feel better, nonliterality, nonliteralness, ornament, ornamentation, outgrow, overcharge, overdevelop, overflow with energy, overgrow, overlay, overload, overrun, overtop, padding, pageant, pageantry, parade, passage, perform, pralltriller, premium, present, procreate, produce, prosper, puff, pullulate, purple passage, purple patches, put forth, put forth leaves, put forward, put out buds, reach its season, reach maturity, represent, reproduce, reveal, riff, riot, ripe, ripen, roll out, root, roulade, run, score, set forth, shake, shaking, sham, shine, shoot, shoot up, show, show forth, showiness, showing-off, single mordent, something extra, speak for Buncombe, spectacle, splash, splurge, sport, spotlight, spring up, sprout, sprout up, staginess, stay in shape, stay young, strike root, stuffing, succeed, superaddition, swagger, swing, swish, take root, theatrics, thrive, token, tower, trick out, trim, trimming, trope, trot out, trumpet, trumpet forth, turn, turn of expression, twirl, twist, undulate, undulation, unfold, upshoot, upspear, upspring, upsprout, vamp, vapor, varnish, vaunt, vegetate, wag, wave, wave motion, waving, wax, way of speaking, wear well, wield, wigwag, window dressing, wrinkle