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Pronunciation:  flam'boyunt

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  showy tropical tree or shrub native to Madagascar; widely planted in tropical regions for its immense racemes of scarlet and orange flowers; sometimes placed in genus Poinciana
  2. [adj]  richly and brilliantly colorful
  3. [adj]  elaborately or excessively ornamented; "flamboyant handwriting"; "the senator's florid speech"

FLAMBOYANT is a 10 letter word that starts with F.


 Synonyms: aureate, colorful, Delonix regia, fancy, flame tree, florid, peacock flower, Poinciana regia, resplendent, royal poinciana, showy, unrestrained
 See Also: angiospermous tree, Delonix, flowering tree, genus Delonix



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Flam*boy"ant\, a. [F.] (Arch.)
Characterized by waving or flamelike curves, as in the
tracery of windows, etc.; -- said of the later (15th century)
French Gothic style.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: affected, arabesque, baroque, bedazzling, bedizened, big-sounding, blinding, bright, bright and shining, brilliant, busy, chichi, convoluted, dashing, dazzling, declamatory, decorated, effulgent, elaborate, elegant, elevated, embellished, euphuistic, extravagant, fancy, fine, flaming, flashy, flaunting, florid, flowery, frilly, fulgent, fulgid, fulsome, fussy, garish, gaudy, glaring, glary, Gongoresque, grandiloquent, grandiose, grandisonant, high, highfalutin, high-flowing, high-flown, high-flying, high-sounding, high-wrought, inkhorn, jaunty, Johnsonian, labored, labyrinthine, lexiphanic, lofty, lurid, luscious, luxuriant, luxurious, magniloquent, meretricious, moresque, ornamented, ornate, orotund, ostentatious, overdone, overelaborate, overelegant, overinvolved, overlabored, overworked, overwrought, peacockish, peacocky, pedantic, picturesque, pompous, pretentious, pretty-pretty, rakish, refulgent, resplendent, rhetorical, rich, rococo, sensational, sensationalistic, sententious, showy, sonorous, splashy, splendent, splendid, splendorous, stilted, swank, swashbuckling, tall, tortuous, vivid, wide