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Meaning of FELL

Pronunciation:  fel

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the act of felling something (as a tree)
  2. [n]  seam made by turning under or folding together and stitching the seamed materials to avoid rough edges
  3. [n]  the dressed skin of an animal (especially a large animal)
  4. [adj]  (of persons or their actions) able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering; "a barbarous crime"; "brutal beatings"; "cruel tortures"; "Stalin's roughshod treatment of the kulaks"; "a savage slap"; "vicious kicks"
  5. [v]  cause to fall by or as if by delivering a blow; "strike down a tree"; "Lightning struck down the hikers"
  6. [v]  sew a seam by folding the edges
  7. [v]  pass away rapidly; "Time flies like an arrow"; "Time fleeing beneath him"

FELL is a 4 letter word that starts with F.


 Synonyms: barbarous, brutal, cruel, cut down, drop, felled seam, fly, hide, inhumane, roughshod, savage, strike down, vanish, vicious
 See Also: animal skin, chop down, come down, cowhide, cut, descend, elapse, fall, glide by, go along, go by, go down, goatskin, kill, killing, lapse, log, lumber, pass, poleax, poleaxe, putting to death, rawhide, run up, seam, sew, sew together, slide by, slip away, slip by, stitch



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Fell\,
    imp. of {Fall}.
  2. \Fell\, a. [OE. fel, OF. fel cruel, fierce, perfidious; cf.
    AS. fel (only in comp.) OF. fel, as a noun also accus. felon,
    is fr. LL. felo, of unknown origin; cf. Arm fall evil, Ir.
    feal, Arm. falloni treachery, Ir. & Gael. feall to betray; or
    cf. OHG. fillan to flay, torment, akin to E. fell skin. Cf.
    1. Cruel; barbarous; inhuman; fierce; savage; ravenous.
             While we devise fell tortures for thy faults.
    2. Eager; earnest; intent. [Obs.]
             I am so fell to my business.          --Pepys.
  3. \Fell\, n. [Cf. L. fel gall, bile, or E. fell, a.]
    Gall; anger; melancholy. [Obs.]
          Untroubled of vile fear or bitter fell.  --Spenser.
  4. \Fell\, n. [AS. fell; akin to D. vel, OHG. fel, G. fell,
    Icel. fell (in comp.), Goth fill in [thorn]rutsfill leprosy,
    L. pellis skin, G. ?. Cf. {Film}, {Peel}, {Pell}, n.]
    A skin or hide of a beast with the wool or hair on; a pelt;
    -- used chiefly in composition, as woolfell.
          We are still handling our ewes, and their fells, you
          know, are greasy.                        --Shak.
  5. \Fell\, n. [Icel. fell, fjally; akin to Sw. fj["a]ll a
    ridge or chain of mountains, Dan. fjeld mountain, rock and
    prob. to G. fels rock, or perh. to feld field, E. field.]
    1. A barren or rocky hill. --T. Gray.
    2. A wild field; a moor. --Dryton.
  6. \Fell\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Felled}; p. pr. & vb. n.
    {Felling}.] [AS. fellan, a causative verb fr. feallan to
    fall; akin to D. vellen, G. f["a]llen, Icel. fella, Sw.
    f["a]lla, Dan. f[ae]lde. See {Fall}, v. i.]
    To cause to fall; to prostrate; to bring down or to the
    ground; to cut down.
          Stand, or I'll fell thee down.           --Shak.
  7. \Fell\, n. (Mining)
    The finer portions of ore which go through the meshes, when
    the ore is sorted by sifting.
  8. \Fell\, v. t. [Cf. Gael. fill to fold, plait, Sw. f[*a]ll a
    To sew or hem; -- said of seams.
  9. \Fell\, n.
    1. (Sewing) A form of seam joining two pieces of cloth, the
       edges being folded together and the stitches taken through
       both thicknesses.
    2. (Weaving) The end of a web, formed by the last thread of
       the weft.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: align, alkali flat, alluvial plain, animal, anthill, anthropophagous, appalling, astounding, atrocious, awe-inspiring, awesome, awful, baleful, barbaric, barbarous, barrow, basin, beastly, beat down, bend, bestial, bloodthirsty, bloody, bloody-minded, blow down, blow over, blow to pieces, blow up, bottomland, bowl down, bowl over, brae, brain, break, break down, bring down, brutal, brutalized, brute, brutish, bulldog, bulldoze, burn down, burn to death, bushveld, butte, campo, cannibalistic, cast down, champaign, champaign country, charge, chop down, coastal plain, coat, cock, conquer, cruel, cruel-hearted, crush, cut down, cut to pieces, cuticle, dangerous, dash down, deal a deathblow, deck, delta, demolish, demoniac, demoniacal, dermis, desert, detonate, devilish, diabolic, dire, direful, discharge, disintegrate, down, downs, Draconian, dread, dreaded, dreadful, drop, drumlin, dune, eject, equalize, even, fearful, feral, ferocious, fetch down, fiendish, fiendlike, fierce, fire, fire off, flat, flat country, flatland, flats, flatten, fleece, flesh, floor, flush, foothills, formidable, frag, fur, furring, ghastly, ghoulish, give the quietus, grade, grass veld, grassland, grievous, grim, grisly, ground, gruesome, gun, gun down, gun for, heath, hellish, hew down, hide, hideous, hill, hillock, hit, horrendous, horrible, horrid, horrific, horrifying, humble, hummock, imitation fur, imitation leather, implacable, incinerate, infernal, inhuman, inhumane, integument, jacket, jugulate, kill, knob, knock down, knock over, knoll, lande, lapidate, lay, lay down, lay flat, lay level, lay low, lay out, leather, leather paper, Leatherette, Leatheroid, let fly, let off, level, llano, load, lowland, lowlands, lunar mare, macabre, major, malefic, maleficent, malign, mare, master, mesa, mesilla, molehill, monticle, monticule, moor, moorland, morbid, mound, mow down, murderous, open country, outer layer, outer skin, override, pampa, pampas, pelt, peltry, peneplain, pepper, pick off, pistol, plain, plains, plateau, playa, plug, poleax, pot, potshoot, potshot, prairie, precipitate, prime, prostrate, pull down, put down, quell, rase, rawhide, raze, redoubtable, reduce, relentless, riddle, ride down, rind, roll, roll flat, ruthless, sadistic, salt flat, salt marsh, salt pan, sand dune, sanguinary, sanguineous, satanic, savage, savanna, schrecklich, sebkha, send headlong, serious, sharkish, sheath, shocking, shoot, shoot at, shoot down, shoot to death, shotgun, silence, sinister, skin, skins, slash, slavering, smash, smooth, smooth out, smoothen, snipe, spread-eagle, stab to death, steamroll, steamroller, steppe, stone, stone to death, strike, strike dead, subdue, subhuman, subjugate, supinate, suppress, swell, table, tableland, take a potshot, take down, Tartarean, tear down, tegument, terrible, terrific, throw, throw down, topple, torpedo, trample down, trample underfoot, tread underfoot, tree veld, tremendous, trip, truculent, tumble, tundra, ugly, unchristian, uncivilized, unhuman, unrelenting, upland, vair, vanquish, vaporize, vega, veld, vicious, weald, whack down, wide-open spaces, wold, wolfish