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Meaning of FALL FLAT

Pronunciation:  fol flat

WordNet Dictionary
[v]  fail utterly; collapse; "The project foundered"
 Synonyms: fall through, flop, founder
 See Also: fail, go wrong, miscarry



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: bomb, break down, capsize, careen, collapse, come a cropper, come to naught, come to nothing, crash, fall, fall dead, fall down, fall headlong, fall in, fall over, fall prostrate, fall short, fall stillborn, fall through, fizzle out, flounder, flunk, get a cropper, get bogged down, get hung up, get mired, go to smash, list, lurch, peter out, pitch, poop out, spin, sprawl, spread-eagle, stagger, stumble, take a fall, take a flop, take a header, take a pratfall, take a spill, tilt, topple, topple down, topple over, totter, trip, tumble, turn turtle, wash out, wear thin