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Pronunciation:  `fabru'keyshun

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the deliberate act of deviating from the truth
  2. [n]  the act of constructing something (as a piece of machinery)
  3. [n]  the act of making something (a product) from raw materials
  4. [n]  writing in a fictional form
  5. [n]  a deliberately false or improbable account

FABRICATION is a 11 letter word that starts with F.


 Synonyms: assembly, fable, fiction, fictionalisation, fictionalization, lying, manufacture, prevarication
 Antonyms: disassembly, dismantlement, dismantling
 See Also: authorship, building, canard, composition, construction, creating from raw materials, false statement, falsehood, falsification, falsity, fibbing, formation, misrepresentaation, paltering, penning, prefabrication, shaping, untruth, writing



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Fab`ri*ca"tion\, n. [L. fabricatio; cf. F.
1. The act of fabricating, framing, or constructing;
   construction; manufacture; as, the fabrication of a
   bridge, a church, or a government. --Burke.

2. That which is fabricated; a falsehood; as, the story is
   doubtless a fabrication.

Syn: See {Fiction}.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: anatomy, architectonics, architecture, arrangement, artifact, assemblage, assembly, authorship, beginning, build, building, buildup, canard, casting, cock-and-bull story, coinage, combination, composition, compound, conception, concoction, conformation, constitution, construction, contrivance, contriving, conversion, crafting, craftsmanship, creation, creative effort, cultivation, deceit, design, devising, elaboration, embodiment, erection, extraction, extravaganza, fable, fabric, fairy tale, fake, falsehood, falsification, fashion, fashioning, fib, fiction, figment, forgery, forging, form, format, formation, forming, formulation, frame, framing, generation, getup, growing, handicraft, handiwork, harvesting, hatching, improvisation, incorporation, invention, junction, lie, machining, make, makeup, making, making do, manufacture, manufacturing, milling, mining, mintage, mixture, mold, molding, myth, opus, organic structure, organism, organization, origination, pattern, patterning, physique, piecing together, plan, prefabrication, preparation, prevarication, processing, producing, product, production, putting together, raising, refining, romance, setup, sham, shape, shaping, smelting, story, structure, structuring, syneresis, synthesis, tale, tectonics, texture, tissue, untruth, warp and woof, weave, web, work, workmanship, yarn