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Meaning of EXECUTION

Pronunciation:  `eksu'kyooshun

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the act of performing; of doing something successfully; using knowledge as distinguished from merely possessing it; "they criticised his performance as mayor"; "experience generally improves performance"
  2. [n]  unlawful premeditated killing of a human being
  3. [n]  the act of accomplishing some aim or executing some order; "the agency was created for the implementation of the policy"
  4. [n]  putting a condemned person to death
  5. [n]  a routine court order that attempts to enforce the judgment that has been granted to a plaintiff by authorizing a sheriff to carry it out
  6. [n]  (law) the completion of a legal instrument (such as a contract or deed) by signing it (and perhaps sealing and delivering it) so that it becomes legally binding and enforceable
  7. [n]  (computer science) the process of carrying out an instruction by a computer

EXECUTION is a 9 letter word that starts with E.


 Synonyms: capital punishment, carrying into action, carrying out, death penalty, executing, execution of instrument, homicide, implementation, instruction execution, murder, performance, slaying, writ of execution
 See Also: action, assassination, batch processing, beheading, blood, bloodshed, burning, burning at the stake, butchery, carnage, concurrent execution, corporal punishment, court order, crucifixion, data processing, decapitation, dry-gulching, electrocution, elimination, enforcement, fratricide, gore, hanging, hit, infanticide, kill, killing, liquidation, mass murder, massacre, mechanics, mechanism, multiprogramming, officiation, parricide, process, putting to death, shoot-down, slaughter, specific performance, subscription, thuggee, tyrannicide



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Ex`e*cu"tion\, n. [F. ex['e]cution, L. executio,
1. The act of executing; a carrying into effect or to
   completion; performance; achievement; consummation; as,
   the execution of a plan, a work, etc.

         The excellence of the subject contributed much to
         the happiness of the execution.       --Dryden.

2. A putting to death as a legal penalty; death lawfully
   inflicted; as, the execution of a murderer.

         A warrant for his execution.          --Shak.

3. The act of the mode of performing a work of art, of
   performing on an instrument, of engraving, etc.; as, the
   execution of a statue, painting, or piece of music.

         The first quality of execution is truth. --Ruskin.

4. (Law)
   (a) The carrying into effect the judgment given in a court
       of law.
   (b) A judicial writ by which an officer is empowered to
       carry a judgment into effect; final process.
   (c) The act of signing, and delivering a legal instrument,
       or giving it the forms required to render it valid;
       as, the execution of a deed, or a will.

5. That which is executed or accomplished; effect; effective
   work; -- usually with do.

         To do some fatal execution.           --Shak.

6. The act of sacking a town. [Obs.] --Beau. & FL.

Computing Dictionary

The process of carrying out the instructions in a computer program by a computer.

See also dry run.

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing an execution in your dream indicates that you will suffer some misfortune from the carelessness of others. Dreaming that you miraculously escape your own execution means that you will overcome your enemies and succeed in gaining wealth.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: accomplished fact, accomplishment, accordance, achievement, acquittal, acquittance, action, adherence, administration, agency, angary, annexation, annexure, approach, art, assassination, attachment, attainment, ax, bane, beheading, block, blood, bloodletting, bloodshed, braining, bringing to fruition, burning, cantando, capital punishment, care, carrying out, collectivization, commandeering, commission, communalization, communization, completion, compliance, conduct, confiscation, conformance, conformity, consummation, cross, crucifixion, dealing death, death chair, death chamber, decapitation, decollation, defenestration, delivery, demilegato, destruction, destruction of life, direction, discharge, dispatch, distraint, distress, doing, driving, drop, effectuation, electric chair, electrocution, eminent domain, enactment, enforcement, euthanasia, exercise, expression, expropriation, extermination, fait accompli, fingering, flow of blood, fruition, fulfillment, functioning, fusillade, gallows, gallows-tree, garnishment, garrote, gas chamber, gassing, gibbet, glissando, gore, guillotine, halter, handling, hanging, heed, heeding, hemlock, hemp, hempen collar, hot seat, immolation, implementation, impoundment, impressment, intonation, judicial murder, keeping, kill, killing, lapidation, legato, lethal chamber, levy, liquidation, maiden, management, manipulation, manner, martyrdom, martyrization, mastery, mercy killing, mezzo staccato, mission accomplished, mode, murder, music-making, nationalization, necktie party, noose, observance, observation, occupation, operancy, operation, overproduction, parlando, performance, performing, perpetration, pianism, pizzicato, poisoning, practice, production, productiveness, prosecution, pursuance, realization, removal, rendering, rendition, repercussion, respect, responsibility, right of angary, ritual killing, ritual murder, rope, rubato, running, sacrifice, satisfaction, scaffold, sequestration, shooting, skill, slaughter, slaying, slur, socialization, spiccato, staccato, stake, steering, stoning, strangling, strangulation, style, success, taking of life, technique, the ax, the block, the chair, the gallows, the gas chamber, the guillotine, the hot seat, the rope, touch, transaction, tree, work, working, workings