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Meaning of EXACTING

Pronunciation:  ig'zakting

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adj]  requiring precise accuracy; "an exacting job"; "became more exigent over his pronunciation"
  2. [adj]  severe and unremitting in making demands; "an exacting instructor"; "a stern disciplinarian"; "strict standards"
  3. [adj]  (microbiology) having complicated nutritional requirements; especially growing only in special artificial cultures; "fastidious microorganisms"; "certain highly specialized xerophytes are extremely exacting in their requirements"

EXACTING is a 8 letter word that starts with E.


 Synonyms: demanding, exigent, fastidious, stern, strict
 Antonyms: unfastidious



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Ex*act"ing\, a.
Oppressive or unreasonably severe in making demands or
requiring the exact fulfillment of obligations; harsh;
severe. ``A temper so exacting.'' --T. Arnold --
{Ex*act"ing*ly}, adv. -- {Ex*act"ing*ness}, n.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abstruse, accurate, arduous, arousing, astringent, attentive, austere, authoritarian, brutal, burdensome, censorious, choicy, choosy, clamant, clamorous, close, complex, conscientious, correct, critical, crying, cutthroat, delicate, demanding, detailed, difficile, difficult, discriminating, discriminative, dour, draining, educible, eductive, elicitory, eradicative, evocative, exact, exactive, excessive, exigent, exorbitant, exquisite, extortionary, extortionate, extortive, extractive, extravagant, fancy, fastidious, fine, finical, finicking, finicky, formidable, fussy, gouging, grasping, grievous, grim, grossly overpriced, hairy, hard, hard-earned, hard-fought, harsh, Herculean, hypercritical, immoderate, imperative, importunate, inflationary, inordinate, insistent, instant, intricate, jawbreaking, knotted, knotty, laborious, loud, mean, meticulous, minute, narrow, nice, no picnic, not easy, operose, oppressive, out of bounds, out of sight, outrageous, overpriced, particular, perfectionistic, persistent, pertinacious, picky, precise, precisianistic, precisionistic, preposterous, pressing, priggish, prohibitive, prudish, punctilious, punctual, puristic, puritanic, refined, religious, rigid, rigorous, rough, rugged, scrupulous, scrutinizing, selective, sensitive, set with thorns, severe, skyrocketing, Spartan, Spartanic, spiny, spiraling, steep, stern, strenuous, strict, stringent, subtle, taxing, thorny, ticklish, toilsome, tough, tricky, trying, tyrannical, unconscionable, undue, unreasonable, unsparing, unwarranted, uphill, uprooting, urgent, usurious, weighty, wicked