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Pronunciation:  'entur`prIzing

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adj]  marked by aggressive ambition and energy and initiative; "an aggressive young exective"; "a pushful insurance agent"; "a pushing youth intent on getting on in the world"
  2. [adj]  marked by imagination, initiative, and readiness to undertake new projects; "an enterprising foreign policy"; "an enterprising young man likely to go far"

ENTERPRISING is a 12 letter word that starts with E.


 Synonyms: aggressive, ambitious, energetic, entrepreneurial, gumptious, industrious, pushful, pushing, pushy, up-and-coming
 Antonyms: nonenterprising, unenterprising
 See Also: adventuresome, adventurous



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\En"ter*pri`sing\, a.
Having a disposition for enterprise; characterized by
enterprise; resolute, active or prompt to attempt; as, an
enterprising man or firm. -- {En"ter*pri`sing*ly}, adv.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: active, acute, adventuresome, adventurous, aggressive, ambitious, animated, aspiring, assiduous, audacious, bold, brave, brisk, busy, courageous, craving, daring, dashing, determined, diligent, driving, dynamic, eager, earnest, energetic, enthusiastic, foolhardy, forceful, forcible, full of pep, go-ahead, go-go, hardworking, hard-working, hearty, hungry, hustling, impetuous, incisive, indefatigable, industrious, intense, itching, keen, kinetic, lively, living, lusty, mettlesome, overbold, peppy, persevering, purposeful, purposive, pushful, pushing, pushy, resolute, resolved, resourceful, robust, smacking, snappy, spanking, spirited, strenuous, strong, take-charge, take-over, tireless, trenchant, up-and-coming, venturesome, venturous, vibrant, vigorous, vivacious, vivid, yearning, zealous, zestful, zesty, zippy