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Pronunciation:  emb'elisht

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adj]  rich in decorative detail
  2. [adj]  excessively elaborate or showily expressed; "a writer of empurpled literature"; "many purple passages"; "speech embellished with classical quotations"; "an over-embellished story of the fish that got away"

EMBELLISHED is a 11 letter word that starts with E.


 Synonyms: adorned, decorated, empurpled, ornamented, ornate, over-embellished, purple, rhetorical



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: adorned, advanced, affected, ameliorated, apocryphal, artificial, assumed, bastard, beaded, beautified, bedecked, bedizened, befrilled, bejeweled, beribboned, bespangled, bettered, bogus, brummagem, civilized, colorable, colored, converted, counterfeit, counterfeited, cultivated, cultured, decked out, decorated, developed, distorted, dressed up, dummy, educated, embroidered, enhanced, enriched, ersatz, factitious, fake, faked, falsified, fancy, feathered, feigned, festooned, fictitious, fictive, figurative, figured, florid, flowered, flowery, garbled, garnished, illegitimate, imitation, improved, jeweled, junky, lush, luxuriant, make-believe, man-made, mock, ornamented, ornate, overcharged, overloaded, perfected, perverted, phony, pinchbeck, plumed, polished, pretended, pseudo, purple, put-on, quasi, queer, refined, reformed, self-styled, sham, shoddy, simulated, so-called, soi-disant, spangled, spangly, spurious, studded, supposititious, synthetic, tin, tinsel, titivated, transfigured, transformed, tricked out, trimmed, twisted, unauthentic, ungenuine, unnatural, unreal, warped, wreathed